14 Newriders out in town now
Biking course successfully finished


Yes, you have survived! Of course many of you need some calm Sundays to practice biking in the city, but very soon you will be riding your bike like a local :)

For the first week in November we were so lucky with the weather. Actually, we thought we would be unlucky and the rain and wind will blow away our good plans. But the sun visited us each day and helped keep a good mood for many tries and failures. 14 international researchers came to that safe traffic area we were booked in, having various levels of biking experience – most of them came with no experience, for many reasons. A group of volunteers and Welcome Center staff were there to welcome them and handed out a very cool biking kit, including not just tools and information sheets, but also a helmet and a bike! After everybody picked a suitable bike, we started with balance training for the new riders and some peddling exercises with the advanced riders. Four mornings were filled with training, information talks and some bruises. Even the police were involved and came to help us practice traffic rules.

We will offer guided bike tours on Sundays! If you would like to stay tuned with that, write an e-mail to welcome.center@tu-dresden.de – we will put you on a special list then to offer a tour and to cancel it due to weather!

This is what the participants say.
Eman from Irak: “Many of international researchers didn’t have the chance to learn biking in their home country, still Dresden is a beautiful city encouraging to biking through it. This course is a great chance, I was looking for it for many years. I recommended it to everyone, the kindness, the support and the effort which was given in this course is difficult to find any other place. Try it and never miss this chance. Don’t be afraid of falling and remember: it is the next step to stand and continue. If I made it surely you will be able to make it too.”

Mohammed from Egypt:  “Riding a bike is like walking, just the moment your brain figures it out, you will do it without even thinking about it.”

Our thanks go out to a number of people:

Photos taken by C. Reichert

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