Dual Career Service for International Scientists



The service is provided to international scientists such as PhD students, post-docs, (guest) researchers/lecturers and their partners and families. The offered service aims to enable scientists and their families to settle down easily in Dresden and help to free them to concentrate on their studies, teaching and research work after arriving in Dresden quickly. This assistance is offered to support professional careers for scientists and their partners, to help them to integrate into social life and become a part of the community besides their working life soon. Many intercultural activities mutually enrich, encourage and create a welcoming atmosphere at the university and within the Dresden community.

Consulting hours and assistance are basic services and offered for a variety of requests from accommodation to further qualification, internships, jobs for the partner, child care and school, etc. Meetings and other activities happen according to the needs of the scientists and researchers for community building as well as for other interests and are continually adapted and developed.

Individual Counseling and Support for

  • scientific and professional orientation,
  • personal career planning,
  • Job search and placement,
  • Search of internship opportunities,
  • Integration of partner and/or family,
  • Training, language courses, language training

Office Hours
Tuesday: 8 a.m. -12 noon/ 2 -6 p.m.
Thursday, Friday: 8 a.m. -12 noon

Dresden Welcome Center
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Gabriele Feyler
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