Announcement: The Christmas Elves want YOU!

Dear Internationals!

We are happy to offer another wonderful Christmas event, which became a tradition of the Welcome Center. You have the chance to spend an afternoon/evening in a German family and get involved in typical pre-Christmas activities like going to a Christmas market, baking traditional biscuits or even spending Christmas together

At the moment you are invited to these activities:

Parents take notice: There are German families who like to spend some time with your whole family!

The only thing you have to do is to write a short e-mail to us, so we know if you’re a single person or a family looking for a host. Please tell us the following things:

  • Name and age of all interested family members
  • Your status (enrolled PhD student or guest researcher without student ID)
  • The languages you speak and whether you prefer to visit your host together with other researchers
  • The date of your two (!) favorite invitations (you’ll join one host, but this makes it easier to match everyone). If you prefer the invitations directly at Christmas, please pick one of these dates and one during the Advent time, as we want to give everyone a chance at the Christmas invitations. Thanks!
  • What you would like to share with your hosts (traditional cuisine, stories or music, handicrafts, slideshow about your home country and its traditions, an invitation to you home…)
  • If applicable: If there are any allergies your hosts should be aware of (or special diets)

Please send us an e-mail the latest until 7 December and we’ll start the matching process as soon as possible. Please also think about a way to thank your hosts (e.g. bring a traditional dish from your home country or teach them a song in your mother tongue).

Please note that we can only offer a certain number of invitations and will do our best to make the matching process work.

Good luck and best wishes,

Your Welcome Center Team


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