Palais, Potluck and a Party

  It’s summer, the sun is (mostly) shining and the weather is (mostly) warm – which makes this time of year perfect to come together, enjoy good food and even better company. If we are honest, we have to admit that the Welcome Center has never had the best of luck with outdoor events. The weather often fits the German stereotype of providing little sunshine and lots of rain. This time, though, we were lucky! On Thursday we all met in the Palais Garden of the Japanese Palais near the river Elbe, had a potluck picnic, shared stories with each other […]

Scientific Crushers
We conquered the river Elbe. Again!

For the third time in a row, international scientists from Dresden CONCEPT e.V. research institutes competed in the annual dragon boat race during the Elbhangfestival in Loschwitz. Also this year, our 21 crew members came from more than 14 nations from all around the globe. Our quest started already 2 weeks before with a first training session. There we learned the basics of how to handle this about 10 meter long ‘dragon’, which is more difficult than expected. With tired arms and some muscle pain, we were confident and excited for the real race afterwards. And finally, las Saturday afternoon, […]

“Holy spirits”
A bike tour to Meissen

Meißen, hometown of the famous porcelain and good wine. But did you know that the first saint of Saxony was also living there? On our bicycle tour to the city we wanted to learn more about him, Bishop Saint Benno von Meißen. But first of all we had to get there. Along the Elbe we enjoyed a wonderful trip with perfect weather. On our way we discovered goats which could be fed, several tables with fresh vegetables to buy and a nice “Biergarten” for a break. In Meißen we took a walk through the beautiful old town and went uphill […]

„Fischbrötchen“, hiking and the seaside!

Saturday, the 29 April, it was finally time for our big excursion to the seaside. Because of the long way we had to meet early. Really early. The bus was supposed to leave at 5.30 a.m. but it was 6 until everybody was ready to take off. It was taking only ten minutes until nearly everybody was asleep, some of us didn’t sleep at all in the night before. At around 12 noon we arrived at our youth hostel. It was beautifully situated right next to the beach so everybody was joking about going for a swim. But first of […]

A warm welcome for the newcomers…despite the cold weather!

  On Thursday, 20 April, our traditional welcoming bus tour has taken place, followed by our regular’s table. International researchers from many countries have joined us, we were a beautiful group! Thanks to our guide, Günter Kieb, we have found out many interesting things about the university and the city of Dresden. Not only historical facts but also personal experiences and impressions have enriched the tour and made it even more enjoyable. Since the beginning, a friendly atmosphere has linked our international guests. Curiosity about Dresden and the other participants: everyone has told something about his/her origin and studies, the […]

Event report: There’s no need to be a-shame-d

Rainy weekends are perfect for a trip to the museum and our trip to the “Deutsches Hygienemuseum” (German Hygiene Muesum) fit the weather cliché perfectly. However, instead of being boring – another well-known stereotype about museums – this exhibition was interesting and a lot of fun. And it was even more fun because our guide is an old friend. Michel, who some of you might still know, was a student assistant here at the Welcome Center for many years, helping in finding flats and organizing excursions for you. And it might have been his first tour as a guide, but […]

From the lab to the opera: Suit up!

Last Saturday: Showtime! One of highest number of participants so far, 40 researchers in total, joined us to see the world-famous story of “Romeo and Juliet” in its ballet version at Semperopera in Dresden. Meeting outside in the freezing cold was indeed a challenge, even more so because most of us didn’t wear snow boots but formal attire. But after an hour we occupied our seats in the first rows and saw a really modern interpretation of the old story about love and hostility. We all appreciated the music from Sergej Prokofjew and the choreography of Stijn Celis. The experts among […]

Winter Wonderland Saxony: Our Trip with Therése

On 8 January, a group of 16 PhD researchers went to see the International Bobsleigh World Cup competition, which happened to be a fun day-trip in Altenberg. The group, accompanied by our volunteer Therése , proved neither to be afraid of the cold, nor of radical sports in the snow. One of the researchers, Sujay, kindly wrote a short commentary on the event, which we would like to share with you all: ‘The group saw the competition live and cheered when Johannes Lochner of Germany celebrated his first World Cup Victory in the four-man bobsleigh world cup. A mild snowfall […]

Food, Music and two Movies: The Christmas Party

On Sunday, 11 December, we had our Christmas party at Thalia cinema in the Neustadt. Many people came and brought snacks from all over the world. Hungarian gingerbread, filled wine leaves from Egypt, a Colombian dessert and more delicacies were spread on the bar. It was nearly impossible to try everything! But it was time to talk about different Christmas traditions and to find out how our international researchers spend their own Christmas this year. Talking and eating were of course not the only activities that we planned for our party. A quiz about Christmas in Germany was solved by […]


Our trip to Thuringia started very early and unfortunately it was also pretty cold, but luckily for us the bus quickly arrived and we were able to warm ourselves up inside. While driving we admired the beautiful landscape full of hoarfrost glittering in the sun. As we arrived in Rudolstadt, a small city in Thuringia, we enjoyed a unique view about the city only disturbed by some strange rock music. It was from a big run that took place in the city as we would find out later. For us it was time to discover the impressive baroque rooms inside […]