Impressions of a Day Trip: Freiberg and Seiffen

Last week, a group of researchers met in the early hours of the morning for what would be a full day of tourism in Freiberg and Seiffen, two cities which are not too far from Dresden. The fun began when we met our guide and our driver who happened to be very enthusiastic people. The day was pretty cold, so much so that if hadn’t it been for our guide’s joy and radiation we all would have probably just slept throughout the whole bus trip to Freiberg. Luckily, we barely noticed the bad weather outside, as we were amused by […]

Wandering through Magic City

“You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.” – Italo Calvino Weather gets colder every day, jackets thicker. So we decided not to torture you ones more with an excursion outside in the cold and went to discover the most extraordinary exhibition in town at the moment. Magic City is an artistic place built up in the industrial area and gave us the chance to see Street Art in all its aspects. Our guide, clearly one of the more original characters living in the area “Neustadt”, […]

14 Newriders out in town now
Biking course successfully finished

  Yes, you have survived! Of course many of you need some calm Sundays to practice biking in the city, but very soon you will be riding your bike like a local :) For the first week in November we were so lucky with the weather. Actually, we thought we would be unlucky and the rain and wind will blow away our good plans. But the sun visited us each day and helped keep a good mood for many tries and failures. 14 international researchers came to that safe traffic area we were booked in, having various levels of biking […]

Why does it always rain on us?
Report on excursion to beautiful Saale & Unstrut

Our trip to the Saale-Unstrut region started with bad weather. Again. We were afraid that our big plans for hiking to castles and walking through Naumburg would be stopped by the rain once more—those of you who participated in the wine hiking and tasting in Radebeul will know what I am talking about! But worrying too early is never a good idea. So we waited for our bus, driven by Klaus, who was always there when we needed him—more on that later. The ride to Naumburg was pretty quiet because everybody tried to catch up some sleep from the relatively […]

A Tour for the Newcomers – with the Polar Express

It has become a tradition in the TUD Welcome Center that, twice a year, we welcome the newly arrived researchers with a special event: The Bus Tour – followed by our Regular’s Table where newcomers and those who have lived in Dresden for a while can meet. Last week, our latest Bus Tour took place – this time with the addition of what already felt like arctic temperatures. As we started on foot with our tour guide Günter Kieb, we slowly realized that summer is definitely over and that warmer jackets are indeed necessary. But Mr. Kieb made sure we […]

ENCORE: Second chance to watch “DRESDEN REFUGE”
at Montagscafé 17 October

Saturday two weeks ago we organized a very special event at Programmkino Ost (a local cinema), but had no time to do a report on it. Here we go now! We invited international  researchers to take part in a so-called Peace Slam and they did a fabulous job! Our biggest thanks go out to Goran, Himani, Stefan, Siavash, Congsi & Caterin for sharing their thoughts and ideas about inner peace, world peace, bombs, Buddah, fear & laughther. We were all very touched by their stories and guess what: we received a few requests to repeat the slam in schools. So […]

Delicious wine and lots of rain

Fall is here – we cannot deny it anymore and that is what we learned on our trip to Schloss Wackerbarth in Radebeul. After weeks of beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures, today of all days our hiking day started with a lot of rain. We had to cancel our hike, but that did not stop us from getting to know the art of wine making at Schloss Wackerbarth. After a short walk from the railway station in Radebeul to our destination, we were welcomed by Fred our guide for this day. First of all he told us many interesting facts […]

Bones, Buuz & Booze
Cosy evening in Mongolian jurt

How far do you need to travel to enjoy traditional Mongolian food in a jurt? You could travel to Mongolia, of course – or you could visit Tschuka in her original Mongolian jurt in Tharandt. During our ride there and the short walk to the jurt, the rainy weather didn’t stop our excitement for the evening and in the end, the sound of rain pouring down on the roof of the jurt made everything even cozier. The warm welcome of Tschuka and Bayartaa, a guest researcher from Mongolia working in Tharandt, included a ritual that would bring luck to the  […]

From Dresden to the Wild Hell –
That Sunday we did everything!

One Sunday in August Therése was inviting international researchers and their partners to a real hiking tour. Thirteen brave hikers from India, Iran, Palestine, Serbia, Vietnam and Singapore joined in the challenging trip to the “Schrammsteine”. This is what Siavash says about the trip: “Hiking in “Sächsische Schweiz” with Therése was real fun. She chose a very diverse path, which had a great impact on our motivation. On Sunday we did everything! From riding a normal train (S-Bahn) and crossing the Elbe on boat, to going through the mountains using a historical train, and from walking on normal dusty roads […]

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye…

We were so lucky on Wednesday! Five weather apps were proofing us wrong… almost. There was no heavy rain, so we had our Sommerfest outside which we have decided just in the lunch break 5 hours before the event. The actual occasion for our invitation was partly sad and partly exciting. We said goodbye to our actual staff who takes maternal leaves or moves on to new jobs and new countries. The Sommerfest gave us the chance to thank them all for all their commitment and passion for their job at the TUD Welcome Center. In the same moment we […]