Cinderella, Potluck & good coffee
Thalia Cinema hosted Christmas Celebration

On Sunday 6 December we invited international PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting researchers and their families to a quite cozy TU Dresden Welcome Center Christmas Party. For this occasion we hired a small cinema including a bar with unbeatable good coffee. About 70 people followed our invitation and brought some finger food from their home countries for others to try. The Thalia Cinema in Dresden Neustadt hosted us for the 2nd time – surely not the last time! Before the main movie started we showed a short movie that we would like to share with you here.

Short movie on cultural stereotypes (director: C. Reichert)

The main movie “Three wishes for Cinderella” was a Czech Republic and former German Democratic Republic co-production from 1973 telling a wonderful Cinderella story. In this movie some Dresden inhabitants acted as court employees and dancers in the ball szene – and they are still very proud of (trying to wink at their old-fashion hair cuts :-). In Germany this movie is very famous, especially in Dresden as it was shot partly at Moritzburg castle. Some of us visited the castle and the cinderella exhibition right after we’ve finished our celebration at the cinema.

Thank you so very much for coming and contributing to this wonderful afternoon!


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