CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! – International researchers compete in dragon boat cup

Pure motivation (Photo: C. Reichert)
Pure motivation (Photo: C. Reichert)

Last Saturday a dragon boat crewed with international researchers departed for their one and only training session. Most of them were sitting in such a boat for the first time of their lives. But nevertheless, they are eager to win the Nachwuchs-Pokal (“new talents’s cup”) in the dragon boat race on Sunday 28 June. The boat with the characteristic name “The Scientific Crushers” needs your help now!

We are looking for fans and groupies to cheer us on while we are wearing ourselves out to win the race!
Researchers from Vietnam, the Czech Republic, the United States, Estonia, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Greece, Australia, Spain, China, Serbia, Iran, Colombia and Germany are in our boat together with Maike and Claudia. They work at different research institutes and at the TU Dresden.

Who? team “The Scientific Crushers”

When? Sunday, 28 June, 2 p.m. for the first run (there will at least be one more shortly after)

Where? boat club “WSV Am Blauen Wunder e.V.”, Fidelio-F.-Finke-Str. 12, 01326 Dresden, Google Maps Link:, at the waterfront

Which cup? “Nachwuchs” (freely translated: new talents)

How to share? We have created a Facebook event here:

What else? If you would like to come you’ll have to buy entrance tickets (in form of a bracelet) for the Elbhangfest. It is about 10 € for Friday to Sunday, check out the prices at and find the booking offices at Please note, it will be more expensive to buy the bracelet on site.

The Dresden Elbhangfest is definitely worth it! For three days you can stroll through all the cute little villages at the waterfront… music, wine, good food & cake, theatre, sports, etc. It is one of Dresden’s highlights of the year. So, get your tickets and come to the river to clap your hands and make some noise while you cheer for “The Scientific Crushers”. See you there?

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