Crushed but happy! – International researchers competed at Dragon Boat Festival

All Scientific Crushers were so eager to win that race! (Photo: S. Mathonnière)
All Scientific Crushers were so eager to win that race! (Photo: S. Mathonnière)

Imagine 17 international researchers dressed up in white t-shirts with their country flags attached to the back, some topping off their outfits with a nerdy touch of broken glasses and suspenders ;) Yes, that’s right and the picture above confirms it: Clearly, we were all set for the race! Maike and Claudia from the TU Dresden Welcome Center joined the team as captain, interpreter, paddler and drummer, respectively. Two weeks ago we had a first training session to get to know the technique, the race course and important commands. That was fun and, while all of us had sore muscles afterwards, it made us look forward to the actual race even more.

Finally, this past Sunday afternoon, last day of the Elbhangfest, “The Scientific Crushers” competed against four other boats for the “Nachwuchs” cup – the new talents cup at the Dragon Boat Festival 2015. As a result of our hard work in the first two runs, we finished the race fourth – woohoo – although that was one place short of making the third run and the podium! We may not have won the race, but were certainly winning hearts. We would like to thank the team for their great effort and creative energy and all our friends for cheering us on from the waterside. We would also like to invite all of you to join us when we try for the podium once more at next year’s Dragon Boat Festival 2016!

All photos: S. Mathonnière (Many many thanks!)

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