Did you know…? TU Dresden Welcome Center offers Farewell Service

Photo: Matthias Hultsch
Our Welcome Package comes in a handy green bag (Photo: Matthias Hultsch)

The TU Dresden Welcome Center does not only organize social events, weekend trips and language courses, but also assists internationally mobile researchers and their families in all relocation related issues. We provide information on visa and residence permit, insurances and child benefit, kindergarten and school, home search and other formalities. We do not only explain the newcomers what to do, but accompany them to the authorities or flat viewings and help completing forms. To make your start as smooth as possible, we offer detailed checklists, information material and consultation hours as well as our Welcome Tour and the Welcome Bag, including a voucher for a guided tour to a touristic site around Dresden. Our aim is to make you feel at home in Dresden within a few weeks. Our weekend activities and social events opens our international network in Dresden to the new academic staff members and guest researchers from abroad.

What is new?

Since August we also provide a package of sample letters for all international researchers, who are going to leave Dresden soon. Those letters enable you to cancel your apartment, the electricity, the television fee and other contracts easily in German. A checklist gives you an overview on all important steps before departure. The Welcome Center team is happy to assist you, if necessary. Don’t forget to sign in the TU Dresden Alumni network in case you spent your researching time at one of the TU Dresden institutes.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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