ENCORE: Second chance to watch “DRESDEN REFUGE”
at Montagscafé 17 October

Dresden Refuge, a documentary of 2016 (Screenshot)
Dresden Refuge, a documentary of 2016 (Screenshot)

Saturday two weeks ago we organized a very special event at Programmkino Ost (a local cinema), but had no time to do a report on it. Here we go now!

We invited international  researchers to take part in a so-called Peace Slam and they did a fabulous job! Our biggest thanks go out to Goran, Himani, Stefan, Siavash, Congsi & Caterin for sharing their thoughts and ideas about inner peace, world peace, bombs, Buddah, fear & laughther. We were all very touched by their stories and guess what: we received a few requests to repeat the slam in schools. So there will be a second Peace Slam to be announced soon, if we are lucky it will be in a Dresden theatre :) You will find some photos of the slam in the gallery below.

ENCORE: Second chance to watch the documentary “Dresden Refuge” & film talk with interpreters on Monday 17 October at Kleines Haus in Neustadt

We showed the premiere of that very touching documentary a few weeks ago (right after the Peace Slam) and invite those of you who have missed it. The documentary was shot in Dresden in March 2016 by an EUROPA TRANSIT film team of the cultural capital San Sebastian (Donostia). The film team was most interested about how our city is remembering its destruction in 1945 and how this historic experience influence the citizens’ attitude regarding the current refugee crisis. Thereby the Spanish filmmakers monitored not only the PEGIDA demonstrations each Monday (that did not impress them too much they said), in particular they observed a broad commitment of Dresden citizens for resorted people – in school projects at Bertolt-Brecht grammar school, at the so-called “Montagscafé” at the state theatre or in private support for newly-arrived Dresden citizens in the city district Johannstadt. Conflicts about human rights became obvious within the Dresden urban society, but likewise the natural solidarity and vivid humanistic culture of our city. Protagonists of many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds are part of the movie (55 mins), that is shown with English subtitles. Afterwards we are going to talk about the movie and the outcome with a very heterogeneous audience and interpreters (Farsi, Arab).

When: Monday, 17 October 2016, doors open 6 p.m., please come by 6.30 p.m. the latest
Where: Kleines Haus, Glacisstraße 28
How to get there: Take one of the many trams to Albertplatz and then walk 5 minutes
No registration necessary, just come!
Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/events/334310233581139


Thank you, guys! You have been wonderful!

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