Event report: There’s no need to be a-shame-d

One hundred reasons to blush – when you’re ashamed (Photo: S. Schueckel)

Rainy weekends are perfect for a trip to the museum and our trip to the “Deutsches Hygienemuseum” (German Hygiene Muesum) fit the weather cliché perfectly. However, instead of being boring – another well-known stereotype about museums – this exhibition was interesting and a lot of fun. And it was even more fun because our guide is an old friend.

Michel, who some of you might still know, was a student assistant here at the Welcome Center for many years, helping in finding flats and organizing excursions for you. And it might have been his first tour as a guide, but we think he did a wonderful job!

After a brief introduction about the historic background of the museum, we started to explore the exhibition: There are a lot of exhibits to look at, videos to see and strange sounds to listen to. Michel guided us through various aspects of life that can make a person feel ashamed, such as the perception of one’s body, religion, family or nationality. Several exhibits invited us to take an active part in the tour – such as a mirrored chamber that secretly measured your weight. There’s also writing on the wall, about moments when people have felt shame, that’s only readable with backlight flashlights.

Every exhibit makes you think about your own sense of shame – do you feel ashamed if you look at the exhibit (or listen to it)? Does it make you blush or do you stay completely cool – and why? The exhibition makes you think about your own perception of several issues and how culture and religion influence your sense of shame. In this way, the exhibition provides many valuable insights and makes you realize that feeling ashamed might not be a nice feeling, but it’s completely normal.

Unfortunately, taking photographs during the exhibition is not allowed, but you can go there yourself until 5 June.

More information about the exhibition can be found here: http://dhmd.de/?2879

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