Food, Music and two Movies: The Christmas Party

Christmas with the Welcome Center is always special (Photo: MD)

On Sunday, 11 December, we had our Christmas party at Thalia cinema in the Neustadt. Many people came and brought snacks from all over the world.

Hungarian gingerbread, filled wine leaves from Egypt, a Colombian dessert and more delicacies were spread on the bar. It was nearly impossible to try everything! But it was time to talk about different Christmas traditions and to find out how our international researchers spend their own Christmas this year.

Talking and eating were of course not the only activities that we planned for our party. A quiz about Christmas in Germany was solved by many guests but it wasn’t that easy ;) One ticket for the Magic City street art exhibition was waiting for each of the three winners. And of course Sani from Bangladesh brought his guitar and played some beautiful music.

Afterwards two movies were shown: Dinner for One and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Dinner for One is a comedy sketch from 1963 and became the most frequently repeated TV program ever. It is usually shown around New Year’s Eve and known by nearly everybody in Germany. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a beautiful movie that was shot in Görlitz and Dresden and careful spectators can find some known places.

All in all it was a wonderful event. We wish you a merry Christmas and a “Guten Rutsch”!

Our wonderful photographer MD took lots of beautiful pictures. However, we’re experiencing technical difficulties with the blog’s software. Once the issue’s cleared up, we’ll add MD’s photos here.


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