From Dresden to the Wild Hell –
That Sunday we did everything!

What a view…

One Sunday in August Therése was inviting international researchers and their partners to a real hiking tour. Thirteen brave hikers from India, Iran, Palestine, Serbia, Vietnam and Singapore joined in the challenging trip to the “Schrammsteine”.

This is what Siavash says about the trip:

“Hiking in “Sächsische Schweiz” with Therése was real fun. She chose a very diverse path, which had a great impact on our motivation. On Sunday we did everything! From riding a normal train (S-Bahn) and crossing the Elbe on boat, to going through the mountains using a historical train, and from walking on normal dusty roads and hiking inside the jungle, to climbing rocks and stairway climbing (Stiegenwanderung). With this well-planned program, after 11 hours (10 am to 9 pm) of activity and even after getting quite a few showers under the sudden rains, we still had enough energy to (non-stop) talk and laugh on the way back to Dresden.”

If you want to hike this path, here is the itinary: Bad Schandau (historical tram) – Nasser Grund – Eulentilke – Wilde Hölle – Carolafelsen – Schrammsteine (Zurückesteig, Gratweg) – Schrammsteinaussicht – Malerweg – Schrammtor – Postelwitz (ferry) – Krippen

What else shall we say then THANK YOU for offering, Therése!

She is already planning on a next one-day-tour to the ore mountains (Erzgebirge), her homeland. It will be 15 or 16 October. Join her to the tiny town Frauenstein, explore medivial castle ruins and hike through beautiful landscape passing lakes, creeks and stunnig view points… We will let you know soon!

Photos: Therése & Siavash


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