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Find tips for your Dresden weekends, events, excursions and exhibitions organized by the various Dresden relocation services. For some of the events it is necessary to pay a fee at the TU Dresden Welcome Center in advance. We know it is sometimes not possible for you to come within opening hours, so this is new: We have PopUpPayStations (find out more below the calendar!) in different parts of the city. Check if any of these are close by :)

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February 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Walking Tour of the Historical City Centre of Dresden
  • Talk on tenancy law
  • ELECTIC THEATRE - ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’
  • Regulars' Table at Wulbert's Café
  • Welcome Center joins "Human Chain" for peaceability


The PopUpPayStations are organized by international researchers.


Carolyn Fritzsche
For about ten years Carolyn Fritzsche has been working for the International Office at Max-Plank Institute. It could be said that she is the Welcome Center of the MPI-CBG with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to welcome international researchers to Dresden. We are really thankful that she is now giving all her collegues at MPI the possibility to easily pay and participate in our events & language courses.

Visitor’s address: Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Pfotenhauerstr. 108, ask for Carolyn Fritzsche at the info desk
Please call in advance: +49 351 210 1018


Hoai Nga Le

I am Hoai Nga Le, from Vietnam. This name does probably not tell you who I am, because with my international friends, I am LeNa. I am a Ph.D. student since 2012.
Due to the long study (sadly), I became a loyal participant of Welcome Center’s excursions (luckily). After the uncountable number of times going from TUD campus to Welcome Center to pay a fee, I realized how lazy I am. To avoid your laziness (if you happen to be like me), I will be a PopUpPayStation owner on the campus.

Visitor’s Address: Hallwachsstraße 3/Büro 112, 01069 Dresden. (It is is only 1 – 1.5 min away from Alte Mensa by walk.)
Please call in advance: +49 351 463-31461 or mobile: +49 176 806 91335
Email: lehoainga@gmail.com
Preferred time:
From 12 – 2 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday
Note: Please email/SMS/whatsapp me prior to visiting me and we can meet either in my office or in Mensa. For some urgent cases, we can also  meet somewhere else.

Mohammed Radi

After living and working in 4 different continents, and with degrees from 3 different countries, here I do my PhD in telecommunication engineering in Vodafone Mobile Communication Chair in our beautiful Dresden, and I honestly say, the welcome center is a unique idea that I never experienced before coming to Dresden, it is amazing to see how people working there are so keen on making everyone feel at home, they are always trying to ease everyone’s integration in the German society, and get introduced to German Culture, while being in multinational groups which allows everyone to feel the beauty of one of my main principles “love differences”. I saw how they made the time of a lot of researchers unforgettable,  especially a lot of us are so busy working to have time to prepare activities, or sometimes even to find an empty slot to register or pay for them, and here it comes the simple idea of the Popup Pay Station, which allow busy students and researchers to enjoy the Welcome Center events while still saving their precious time.

Visitor’s address: Falkenbrunnen (FAL Building), Room FAL 237 (2nd floor), Chemnitzer Str. 50, D-01187 Dresden (Another locations including Mensa , central station can be coordinated upon contact)
Please call in advance: +49 351 463 41053 or  mobile  +49 152 058 36772
Email: mohamad.m.radi@gmail.com