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Kick off meeting


This Thursday the Welcome Center hosted an event arranged by intap – the international talent project for Dresden. Quickly the places filled up as many international researchers were interested to hear how intap could help their career in the outside-academia world. About 30 international students, PhD students, Postdocs or their partners were listening to Therése Stoll, project manager of intap, and Sarah Kern, HR consultant of Infineon. Work contracts or scholarships can end and it is not always possible to extend them.  Many internationals settled down in Dresden, got familiar with the Saxons and would love to stay here – but how to they set their feet into the German business world? Is this world different to theirs in India, Czech Republic, Palestine, Iran, China or African states? Definitely.

In a big group discussion they talked about short but precise CVs where design and structure matters and skills need to be highlighted – the “German way” someone said smiling. Therése asked everybody: “What do you want” and “Who are you” to develop a sharp profile that suits to a good job perfectly, other than a wide profile that fits to every job but does not make you happy. The group exchanged own experiences as well as ideas about getting into that business world. But also Therése and Sarah made clear: you have to learn German – that is a key factor to a successful application and integration in the world of companies and businesses. There will be upcoming German classes from October, stay tuned! Sujay mentioned the page Meetup in Dresden where you might find people doing things you like with you, and many Germans join in these groups, too. Dresden has its own page, so check it out and find German people to talk to.

If you are interested in getting information on current Dresden job fairs or intap events to related topics please get in touch with them and ask for their newsletter.

INTAP event 7 September 2017 (Photos: C. Reichert, R. Zarour)

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