Invitation to a Walpurgis Night Celebration coming Wednesday

Foto: C. Reichert

We are happy to invite you to our Walpurgis Night celebration!

In the night from 30 April to 1 May Germans celebrate the so-called “Walpurgisnacht”. This is the night when witches are reputed to hold a large celebration on the mountain Brocken and await the arrival of spring. In this night bonfires are lit in all parts of Germany.

We invite you to have a barbecue with us, meet other internationals and get to know the German tradition of the “Walpurgisnacht”. We will provide food for the barbecue (sausages, turkey meat, barbecue cheese) and salad. Drinks can be bought at the restaurant “Kümmelschänke”. Therefore please don’t forget to bring some money as well.
In case of bad weather we will meet inside the “Kümmelschänke” and buy something to eat and drink there.

Where? At “Kümmelschänke” in Dresden Omsewitz, Kümmelschänkenweg 2

When? Wednesday, 30 April, starting from 7 p.m.

How to get there? You reach the “Kümmelschänke” best by taking the bus line 80 and getting off at the final station called “Omsewitz”. You can see the location and other nearby tram stations at the following link: If you don’t find the location, please call: 0172 3552026.

(We have to buy the food and order the salad in advance.)

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Jasmin, Julia, Maria, Matthias, Nadine & Nicole

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