It´s not just about cookies! – TU Dresden Welcome Center Christmas Celebration

Yummmmm! (Photo: C. Reichert)

On Saturday, 29 November we had a very early Christmas celebration – not all too early though, as the world-famous Dresden Striezelmarkt (one of many Christmas markets in town) had already opened its gates last Thursday and tons of decorations and lights have been popping up on trees and houses over the past few days all around. We had invited international researchers to celebrate the start of this traditional and important season in Germany together on the first Advent weekend and join in some typical pre-Christmas activities.

While some internationals baked cookies, others made traditional Advent wreaths for decoration or watched our 2014 excursion and event photo showreel. A storyteller narrated two winter tales in a veeeery funny way, a singer sang wonderful Christmas songs, Matthias played the cither (a traditional German instrument), and some researchers shared their home country’s Christmas or New Year’s traditions with us. We would like to thank you all a lot for enriching our program!

Of course, Santa Claus also arrived on scene and was welcomed (and considerably marvelled at) by our little guests. Santa Claus had brought a bag full of “Secret Santa” gifts and everyone was allowed to pick one. (Psssst… don’t tell the children, but…) Every adult had been instructed before to bring an unwanted item or present from home, or alternatively, some chocolate, wrapped as a present for Santa’s large bag – ho, ho, ho! ;-) This particular variant of the Secret Santa activity, where the previous owner does not know whose ‘Secret Santa’ s/he will be in the end, is known as ‘Schrottwichteln’ in German (literally: ‘trash gift exchange’) and corresponds to the ‘white-elephant gift exchange’ in some English-speaking countries. Some were truly happy with their new possessions, others laughed out loud about the funny and ‘interesting’ gifts they got – so after all in true Christmas fashion, the unwrapping turned out very jolly!

If you’re ready for more of the Christmas spirit, please check out the following offers!

7 December: We’ve booked our own cinema and invite you to cakes, cookies and a seasonal movie:

From now on: Dresden families invite you into their homes – please register now:

Find a few pictures from last Saturday below and join our other activities to really feel what it means to live in the festive city of Dresden!

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