Palais, Potluck and a Party

A wonderful evening at Palais Garden (Photo by someone)


It’s summer, the sun is (mostly) shining and the weather is (mostly) warm – which makes this time of year perfect to come together, enjoy good food and even better company. If we are honest, we have to admit that the Welcome Center has never had the best of luck with outdoor events. The weather often fits the German stereotype of providing little sunshine and lots of rain. This time, though, we were lucky! On Thursday we all met in the Palais Garden of the Japanese Palais near the river Elbe, had a potluck picnic, shared stories with each other and some of us learned to play a new game.

It’s only a true picnic if you have blankets on the ground and put the food in the middle to sit in a circle around it – and that’s what we did. More and more people joined in and brought food that’s traditional in their home countries. With rice and beans from Syria, dumplings from China, Baba Ghanoush from Egypt, beer bread and potato salad from Germany and lots of other delicious dishes – we truly had a culinary tour around the world. If you’d like to share the recipes with us, we’d be delighted to publish them in a separate post! Just send us an e-mail to:

Now, what do you do after a delicious meal? Correct – you play games!

We brought two sets of a famous Swedish game called “Kubb” or “Viking’s Chess” and everyone joined in on the fun. The goal is for one team to throw wooden sticks at wooden cubes of the other team to kick them over and win the game. This is a short version of the rules – if you’re interested in the longer version, you can find it here. And if you really liked the game and want to play it again, we also found instructions to making your own Kubb set. Then you only need interested players and we’re sure it’s easy to find others who’ll join in!

Some of us then even had ice cream from the ice cream bus patrolling the riverside and when the sun set, all of us agreed that this was a very good party!

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Photos: almost everybody attending the Sommerfest



Text by: S. Schückel

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