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With Therése

(Photo: Gerhard Aust)

On Sunday, 18 June, at 5 p.m. you have the unique chance to see a play and act in a play at the same time:

“Die Stunde da wir nichts voneinander wussten” (the hour, in which we didn’t know anything about each other) is a play by Peter Handke, which doesn’t need any words and is therefore not bound by the restrictions of speech. The actors are not professional actors, but members of the “Bürgerbühne”, citizens of Dresden who come together to act in the Dresden Theatre.

The play also doesn’t take place indoors – but directly on Theaterplatz, which is also the main actor in this play. It tells the story of meeting different people, of tourists and citizens, of old and young and of finding out more about each other. 120 actors, 25 children, 200 costumes, 50 bicycles, a sailing boat and lots more will enchant you. As the viewers you’ll also become part of the story.

If you want to join us, please let us know by friday this week, 2nd of June.

Write an email to young.researchers@mailbox.tu-dresden.de

Tickets for students are 7€, non-students 13€.

Your registration is binding, because afterwards we’ll buy your tickets.

Please make sure to register with us by friday to ensure that your ticket is secure. However, if you are unable to register until than, there still will be the option to pursue your own ticket and join us. Just write us an email, and we can put you on the participation list and give you all further information.

More facts about the play here.

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