Say Hello, Wave Goodbye…

We were so lucky on Wednesday! Five weather apps were proofing us wrong… almost. There was no heavy rain, so we had our Sommerfest outside which we have decided just in the lunch break 5 hours before the event. The actual occasion for our invitation was partly sad and partly exciting. We said goodbye to our actual staff who takes maternal leaves or moves on to new jobs and new countries. The Sommerfest gave us the chance to thank them all for all their commitment and passion for their job at the TUD Welcome Center. In the same moment we were happy to introduce our new student assistant team and Sarah, who is working with us already.

There is nothing much to say than THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the great food you brought and the good talks we had! Thank you Sami for your wonderful Indian and international music, we are looking forward to have you with us again soon.

Photos: C. Reichert


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