Welcome Center Sommerfest at the River Side
Thursday, 6 July 2017

Enjoy an evening at the river side with this stunning view! (Photo: N. Kleindienst)

++++Update 28.06.2017: New location  is Palaisgarten ++++

Due to logistics, we changed the location. We will have our summer fest/ get together at the Palaisgarten, a nice public park between Japanisches Palais and Marienbrücke. It’s the place where in August the Palaissommer is held. But the rest remains the same. Please bring blankets, food to share, your own dishes and your own drinks. And most importantly, you and your friends and good mood and if you want to, bring your instrument or some card or board games. We are looking forward to see you there to celebrate the summer with us.


+++ Update 26. June 2017 +++

Wow, more than 200 people say they are “interested” on Facebook… :) Well, we have no idea how many people will come, so let’s handle it as an easy potluck night at the Elbe river. We will bring some soft drinks but please take care for yourself in case it is hot. We would ask you to bring blankets, food to share and your own drinks in case it is getting too hot. Then we would just meet for the sun going down to catch up and talk. We will not bring too many softdrinks then… So, if you are a musician feel free to bring your instrument, you can also bring games or ideas to spread. So, afterall it’ll be a rather lax getting together and we are VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! :)


6 July – Sommerfest

Last summer we spent a wonderful international potluck evening with you guys right on campus to celebrate the summer. We would like to repeat this in 2017 and invite you for a potluck evening at the river side close to the Waldschlösschenbrücke (to have shelter in case of rain). We are still thinking about the how and where exactly and the who and the when, but we want you to save the date already now :) Impressions of last year’s Sommerfest.
Please bring friends and food to share, we will care about soft drinks (which means: bring your own beer and wine).

When: 6 July from 6 p.m.
Where: Palais Garden (Japanisches Palais)
Who: everybody is invited – bring German and international friends if you like
Bring: blanket, food to share and alcoholic drinks if you want, musicians and artists very welcome

Please let us know if you come (and with how many people) via e-mail to welcome.center@tu-dresden.de for us to calculate soft drinks. Thank you!