Event report: Hiking tour to the “Affensteine”

Last Saturday, 19 guest researchers from different research institutes in Dresden and their spouses and partners spent an adventurous day exploring the heights above the Kirnitzschtal in the ‘Sächsische Schweiz’ (Saxon Switzerland) on a circular route around the ‘Affensteine’ (monkey stones), with stops at the ‘Idagrotte’ (Ida’s grotto) and ‘Carolafelsen’ (Carola’s rock) viewpoints on our way. We met at 10 a.m. inside the main station and used public transport (suburban train S1 to Bad Schandau and bus no. 241 towards Hinterhermsdorf) to reach our trailhead, the ‘Beuthenfall’ in the Kirnitzschtal. As a first highlight on our train to Bad Schandau, […]

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