Food, Music and two Movies: The Christmas Party

On Sunday, 11 December, we had our Christmas party at Thalia cinema in the Neustadt. Many people came and brought snacks from all over the world. Hungarian gingerbread, filled wine leaves from Egypt, a Colombian dessert and more delicacies were spread on the bar. It was nearly impossible to try everything! But it was time to talk about different Christmas traditions and to find out how our international researchers spend their own Christmas this year. Talking and eating were of course not the only activities that we planned for our party. A quiz about Christmas in Germany was solved by […]

Christmas Party at Thalia Cinema
Potluck, great coffee and movies

“Imagine” (covered by Sani – Thank you!) Do you fancy yummy food and a good movie? Then come to the Thalia cinema on Sunday 11 December! Last year we had a wonderful potluck lunch with food from all over the world and we would love to repeat that! We will bring something homemade and would ask you to become creative and bring something traditional (salty or sweet fingerfood) from your countries that we will mark then with a little description! Kids are welcome too, so grab your sweets and sweethearts and come to our cozy Christmas party at Thalia cinema. […]