A Tour for the Newcomers – with the Polar Express

It has become a tradition in the TUD Welcome Center that, twice a year, we welcome the newly arrived researchers with a special event: The Bus Tour – followed by our Regular’s Table where newcomers and those who have lived in Dresden for a while can meet. Last week, our latest Bus Tour took place – this time with the addition of what already felt like arctic temperatures. As we started on foot with our tour guide Günter Kieb, we slowly realized that summer is definitely over and that warmer jackets are indeed necessary. But Mr. Kieb made sure we […]

Budyšin, Budyšyn, Budyšín, Budziszyn or Bautzen?
Report on weekend excursion

For the second time now, the TUD Welcome Center and international researchers from Dresden visited the charming town on the river Spree, Bautzen. This ancient hill-top town that is more than 1000 years old has much to offer. Our intense 10-hour excursion started in the morning with a visit of the Sorbian museum, the Sebrski Muzej. The Sorbian people are a very tiny minority from Slavic descent with a rich and distinctive culture situated in the east German territory commonly called Lusatia. Mr. Brützke, having Sorbian roots himself, guided us through the very modern and well-curated exhibition, which informed about […]

Rabenauer Grund – A Pearl of Nature Near Dresden

The weather reports were not very promising for this long planned hiking tour of the Welcome Center: Rain in the morning and thunderstorm in the evening. Nevertheless, we took the risk and it was worth it. Having started early in the morning under a cloudy sky in Dresden we commuted to Freital Hainsberg where we changed the regular train for an old steam train, the Weißeritztalbahn. This very special vehicle took us on a short but intense nostalgic trip through the, by then, sunlit flora of the Rabenauer Grund. For some of us the ride was like the Baraks Valley […]