Tips for the upcoming week
(28 August – 3 September 2015)

Friday, 28 August – Sunday, 30 August 2015: “Hechtfest” – Neighborhood Festival in the Hechtviertel quarter From Friday to Sunday the ‘Hechtviertel’ quarter (named after its location centered around Hechtstraße), the second most vibrant part of town directly adjoining to ‘Äußere Neustadt’, will open its doors and take to the streets for a colorful and creative neighborhood festival! There will be four stages with Folk, Independent, Reggae and Ska to listen and dance to. Meet lots of artists in the streets or try some home-baked cake in one of the backyards. Admission: free; How to get there: TRAM 13 ‘Bischofsplatz‘ […]

Tips for the upcoming week
(10 – 16 July 2015)

Friday, 10 July 2015: Grand Opening of OSTRALE´O15 OSTRALE is the contemporary art exhibition annually taking place in Dresden. Celebrate the opening of OSTRALE´O15 this Friday night at the exhibition grounds at Ostragehege (the stables of the former Erlwein slaughterhouse grounds between Elbe and harbour) and enjoy a dazzling evening. This year’s OSTRALE is themed “HANDLE WITH CARE” to point towards excess and waste, greed and exploitation on our planet. The official opening night of OSTRALE´O15 brings you the First German Electrophonic Orchestra’s execution of Rochus Aust’s ‘9th Symphony/ Electro-iconic bridge’, plus an art sale from start till midnight, happenings […]

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