“Tight, but not necessarily painful” – Climbing tour in the Saxon Switzerland

We´ve done it! (photo: C. Reichert)
We´ve done it! (photo: C. Reichert)

What do the Deutsche Bahn and the TUD Welcome Center have in common? Read this article and find it out ;)

Last Saturday, on a stunning sunny day, we took 15 international young researchers to a climbing tour to the Saxon Switzerland (in German: “Sächsische Schweiz). This national park just about 30 minutes by train in an eastward direction from Dresden consists of not less than 1.000 sandstone climbing peaks and many hollows, a paradise for hikers and climbers. Being so close to Dresden we go there quite often for hikes and even rafting. But last Saturday we were ready for new action. The guides from Kanu Aktiv Tours picked us up in Rathen and handed out harnesses, carabiners and climbing shoes. “The shoes should be tight, but not necessarily be painful, guys.” Tobias said and grinned. Equipped with our gear, unfamiliar for most of us, we were getting quite excited about what we are going to do with these new tools.We took the ferry and then walked to our climbing destination: the so-called Gamrig. It is a quite exposed sandstone mountain and very popular for climbers. Our guides showed us how to put on the harness and explained the special rock condition as well as some rules we should know… and off we went. One after the other climbed up, securely saved by a long blue rope and many colorful cords and carabiners. It seemed to take ages and, yes, we’ve waited a long time until everybody climbed up and did the final abseiling. Up there on that rock we had fantastic views of the river, the mountains, the fortress Königstein and the Lilienstein. It was just beautiful and relaxing at the peak. Furthermore, we were so lucky with the weather, as two hours later it started raining in Dresden.

At this point we are getting closer to the entry question? Any guess? This is what I’ve learnt when I heard two people talking while I was enjoying the sun:
“Are you kidding, the Hamburg excursion end of October is already booked out?”
“No, I am not. There are two things you should be booking three months ahead: Deutsche Bahn and Welcome Center activities!” 

It made me laugh aloud, but it is true, quite often our activities are booked out quickly. So get the newsletter and follow the blog in order not to miss out!

(author: C. Reichert)

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