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3 – 9 November 2016

Beautiful view from Dresden Cotta (Photo: L. Mendes)
Beautiful view from Dresden Cotta (Photo: L. Mendes)

Thursday, 3 November 2016: The Daughter (Film)

Interested in a tale of family intrigue and betrayal? Join Thalia Kino as they screen the 2015 Australian film, The Daughter, a retelling of the famous 1884 play, The Wild Duck. An Oscar-worthy story full of family secrets, adultery, and heartbreak, The Daughter will keep you on your toes for every minute.
Beginning: 6:15pm; Admission: 6€/5€ for children; How to get there: Thalia Kino, Görlitzer Strasse 6, 01099 Dresden, Tram 13;

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Friday, 4 November 2016: ABBA Girls (Concert)

If you love the unforgettable songs of legendary 70’s pop group ABBA, you have to go see the ABBA Girls perform at the Dixiebahnhof Friday night. A vocalist duo, the ABBA Girls have performed across Europe, from Romania to Luxembourg, and have brought groovy beats with them. Feel like the dancing queen as they perform hits like “Mamma Mia” and “Take A Chance On Me”.  Relive the Saturday night boogie, the glitter and platform shoes, and the crazy-fun disco of the 70’s!
Beginning: 8pm; Admission: 15€; How to get there: Kulturzentrum Dixiebahnhof Dresden, Platz des Friedens, 01108 Dresden OT Weixdorf, Tram 7

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Saturday 5 November 2016: Blues Night (Concert)

Join the local jazz festival Jazztage Dresden as they give you a night packed with blues, the soulful and passionate form of jazz. Enjoy the international ensemble of performers, such as Angela Brown, Jack Broadbent, and Organ Explosion as they share with you their powerful music. Surely to be a funky and fun night, don’t miss out on the opportunity to listen to these talented artists!
Beginning: 7pm; Admission: 15€. How to get there: Theater Meißen Theaterpl. 15, 01662 Meißen, Take the S-Bahn (S1) for 30 Minutes to Bahnhof Meißen, cross the river to the Meißen Altstadt on the Altstadtbrücke Bridge, the Theater should be down the first small street to your right, Leipzigerstraße.

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Sunday, 6 November 2016: DANCACONCAFÈ (Dance Café)

Sit comfortably, enjoy coffee and cakes, and experience several surprises as dancers dance around you. Watch the company mix with new choreographies on topics that stimulate you or make you smile. Don’t be surprised when they start to dance in the middle of the guests: it’s all a part of the show!
Beginning: 3pm; How to get there:  Landesbühnen Sachsen Glashaus Meißner St. 152 01445 Radebeul, Landesbühnen Sachsen Station (Bus 72, 324, 400; Tram 4)

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Monday, 7 November 2016: Nathan the Wise (Play)

An interesting take on the divisions (and unity) between the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Nathan the Wise is a fantastic play that will spark an interesting discussion about how similar we all really are. Excellently acted, this provocative—and sometimes funny—play will surely keep you riveted from beginning to end. Although acted in German, it will have subtitles in English and Arabic.
Beginning: 10:30am; Admission: 18€; How to get there: Kleines Haus Glacisstraße 28, 01099, Albertplatz (Bus 261, 305, 326, 328; Tram 3, 6, 7, 8, 11)

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016: Citizenfour (Film)

Interested in knowing more about Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who brought America’s surveillance of its own citizens to light? Citizenfour is a must watch for you, then. A documentary that followed Edward Snowden during his tense hiding in Hong Kong, the film crew interviews him, and shows the isolation and fear that comes with fighting the United States government. A spectacular and provocative film, this Oscar-winning movie will surely keep you fascinated from beginning to end.
Beginning: 8 pm; Admission: 4€; How to get there: Schauburg Theater Königsbrücker Str. 55, 01099 Dresden, Bischofsplatz (Tram 13)Bischofsweg (Tram 7, 8, 13) Louisenstraße (Tram 7, 8)

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016: Holy Cow (Film)

Tapdiq has a great dream. He wants to bring a European dairy cow to his picturesque village in the mountains of Azerbaijan, thus improving the living conditions of his family. But his passion is confusing to the traditional village community. The elders see a threat in the foreign cow – the milk must be contaminated and they only bring diseases into the village. Tapdiq is ready to put everything at risk: he tries to defy the opinion in the village and buy his cow. Holy Cow questions prejudice against foreigners and the willingness to welcome new arrivals.
Beginning: 10pm; Admission: 6€; How to get there: Thalia Kino, Görlitzer Strasse 6, 01099 Dresden, Tram 13

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