A warm welcome for the newcomers…despite the cold weather!


Photo by C. Finocchi

On Thursday, 20 April, our traditional welcoming bus tour has taken place, followed by our regular’s table. International researchers from many countries have joined us, we were a beautiful group! Thanks to our guide, Günter Kieb, we have found out many interesting things about the university and the city of Dresden. Not only historical facts but also personal experiences and impressions have enriched the tour and made it even more enjoyable. Since the beginning, a friendly atmosphere has linked our international guests. Curiosity about Dresden and the other participants: everyone has told something about his/her origin and studies, the impressions on the city and the people here. Interesting exchange of ideas have taken place. We have walked around the university and heard anecdotes of our guide who is a former student of the TU Dresden. Afterwards we hopped on board of the red Ikarus 55, the historical bus that has taken us around the city.

Halfway of the tour a delicious surprise has been offered to the group: the typical cake of Dresden, the Eierscheck! Also in the alternative version of Freiberg …which one was better? Well, they were both delicious and everyone has enjoyed both!

After a couple of photos and selfies, the tour has continued through the Altstadt to the Neustadt, and the last stop has been the “Wenzel Prager Bierstube”, the restaurant where our regular’s table has taken place. Newcomers have had the possibility to meet other researchers who have been in Dresden for a while and, while tasting delicious food and drinks, talk, laugh and get nice suggestions.

C. Finocchi

Photos by C. Finocchi

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