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We are glad that you've chosen one of our DRESDEN-concept institutes for your stay and welcome you warmly to the city of Dresden. DRESDEN-concept (DDc) is a research alliance of the TUD with a strong partnership of research and culture. Dresden has become one of the most popular research destinations in Germany, attracting researchers from all over the world to come live and work here.

Universities, colleges, research institutes and companies involved in research and development can be found in all parts of the city. Short distances foster co-operation and interaction. More than 40,000 young people and postgraduates study in Dresden – a constant stimulus that drives the city. May your research stay in our city become one of the best experiences in your life! Wishing you a great time in Dresden

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DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden

Due to the coronavirus we are available only via phone or e-mail.
Currently all our events are cancelled.
German courses have started online on the 11th of May.
From the 25th of May we will be open again. Please contact us to make an appointment before visiting.

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Our Services

Your departure

Did you fall in love with Dresden? How did you like your time in Dresden's research labs and offices? Was it what you expected? What would you have wished to be different? Before you leave we would appreciate your feedback to fine-tune our services. Finally, we would like to stay in touch with all research alumni after their stay - to create a worldwide network.

Your stay

Over the course of your stay in Dresden, many questions may arise. We will assist you in dealing with the local and public authorities and with any queries that you may have – just let us know! In addition, we organize events and excursions for international researchers to meet each other and get to know your new surroundings.

Your arrival

Do you have questions on formalities such as visa, residence and work permit, insurances and taxes? Are you looking for accommodation? The TU Dresden Welcome Center as well as the international offices of Dresden research institutes inform and support you in planning your stay in Dresden.

The Philipp-Schwartz-Initiative for Scholars at Risk

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative was launched by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation together with the Federal Foreign Office and enables universities, universities of applied sciences and non-university research institutions in Germany to award fellowships for research stays to researchers at risk. All chairs are hereby invited to address candidates known to them or to express interest as hosts. The deadline for applications is 29 February 2020, please report suitable candidates by 7 February 2020 as they will have to pass through various testing authorities before such an application can be submitted. Information on the funding programme: http://www.philipp-schwartz-initiative.de The application for funding for the TUD and advice for applicants from DRESDEN-concept institutions will be provided by Natalie Brindle (natalie.brindle@tu-dresden.de) Further information: https://ddcwelcome.de/philippschwartz/

What our researchers say

If you have just arrived in Dresden and don’t know too much about the city, people or TU Dresden, I can assure you that the best place to start is TU Dresden Welcome Center. It will simply become a great part of your happy moments during the education in Germany. I dedicate this verse from Persian poet Hafiz to the Dresden:

May your goodness always increase
And your smiling face never cease.

Mitra from Iran

Mitra from Iran

Guest researcher at TU Dresden

I really feel that this is my home and my best time is the time I get to spend with my German families. When I came here I only had one family in Iraq but now I belong to many German families. Wearing a headscarf has never been a problem, neither my religion nor my skin color. Still people smile at me, still people support me, still the TU Dresden ist offering chances, and most important, still knowledge has no borders of nationality here.

Iman from Iraq

Iman from Iraq

Guest Researcher at TU Dresden
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A message to our researchers

The research alliance DRESDEN-concept has clearly and unambiguously positioned itself for open-mindedness and tolerance. We are grateful that we, at DRESDEN-concept, learn, teach, work and live together with several thousand international researchers and students to achieve top performances in both research and teaching. Science and knowledge are international and not subject to national, cultural or religious backgrounds! DRESDEN-concept thrives on the interaction between our foreign and German members, who are all a non-negotiable part of our research alliance. We have achieved our aim of making foreign staff and students enthusiastic about their chosen DRESDEN-concept institution, at which they came to work and study. Now I see it as our duty to ensure that they experience Dresden as a charming city and a great place to live. Come and join us, we look forward to seeing you here!
- Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Hans Müller-Steinhagen | Chairman of the Executive Board of DRESDEN-concept and Rector of TU Dresden

Where our researchers come from

Whenever international researchers come to the DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden office for the first time, they are asked to pin their place of origin with a little red flag onto the huge world map in the lounge. By now this map is covered with tiny red pins in 130 nations. About 55% come here as PhD students, 30% as Post-docs and another 15% as guest researchers. Overall about 70% are male and 30% female. Have a look at the chart to see where they come from.
Asia Pacific:
North Africa and the Middle East:
North and Latin America:
Africa (Subsahara):

Our Blog

Due to the Coronavirus, please stay home!

  Good people, We would love to keep on giving you great tips on what you can do in Dresden. But unfortunately Corona restricts us all. Therefore here is our hint and request to you: Stay at home as much as possible! Avoid social (physical) contacts. Wash your hands excessively. If you can’t stand it at home anymore: go for a walk. But please don’t get infected and take care of yourself. If you have any questions regarding your stay, accommodation or anything else, the best way to contact us is via mail. We continue to work from home, so […]

What’s On In Dresden
5 – 11 March 2020

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) On 8 March, there is celebrated the International Women’s Day. It originated as an initiative of socialist organisations in the period before the First World War in the struggle for equal rights, the right to vote for women and the emancipation of female workers and took place for the first time on 19 March 1911. Since 1921 it has been celebrated annually on 8 March. In 1975, the United Nations designated it as United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and World Peace and for the first time held a celebration on 8 March […]

What’s On In Dresden
27 February – 4 March 2020

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) Alaaf! It’s the time of Karneval: Carnival, Shrove Tuesday, Fassenacht, Fasnacht, Fasnet, Fasching, Fastabend, Fastelovend, Fasteleer or fifth season are the names given to the customs with which the time before the forty-day period of fasting is celebrated. Fasting begins on Ash Wednesday and serves to prepare for Easter. The “Karnival” is celebrated in very different ways: Carnival parades, music, masks and costumes. Carnival in Latin America has developed a very independent vitality, for example at the Oruro Carnival or the Carnival in Rio. Well known are also the carnival in Venice, in […]

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