A pool for challenges and new ideas: Second Research Alumni workshop at the TU Dresden

Research Alumni Workshop at TUD Welcome Center (all photos: C. Reichert)

Almost 30 researchers followed our invitation to discuss the Research Alumni project, which the TUD is working to implement for the future. The central idea is to provide relevant services and best possible support during researchers’ stay at TU Dresden or DRESDEN-concept partner institutes and to keep in touch with everybody after they have left. The career paths of Research Alumni are very interesting for us, your connections within the research world are beyond priceless. Back in your home countries and also in other countries you will share your experiences about the Dresden research area and might attract interested students and researchers. On account of this it is very important for us to get to know your needs and to implement some new measures. Starting with complaints and finishing with practical suggestions we took notes of everything and thank you a lot for your reflections and openness. The atmosphere that evening was very enjoyable, everybody was enthusiastic to share their opinions and ideas.

Yesterday’s event was opened by the TU Dresden’s Vice Rector for Academic and International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Susanne Strahringer, who talked about the internationalization strategy of the TUD as well as about the importance of an intercultural campus and interdisciplinary research. Katharina Gabel-Stransky, head of the Research Alumni project, then introduced the main subject to everybody and handed over to Anna Lorenzana Bäumler, project assistant and our master of ceremonies last evening. Anna introduced the audience to the three stations dealing with different questions. The participants changed stations every 20 minutes and got the possibility to bring their ideas on all three topics forward.

Lively discussions ensued on services required for research alumni-to-be and stimuli that would make researchers want to stay in touch or even come back for a new research visit. We also talked about Dresden’s image in the world which has been affected by recent political rows. Our question was “How to brush up Dresden’s image in the world”. The researchers agreed that Dresden is a wonderful city to live in. While they are aware of the political currents and understand that incomings doubt the city’s good reputation, the predominant feeling at the same time is one of being safe and, if asked, they would certainly recommend the city as “very nice, calm, clean and peaceful”. In the coming weeks we will evaluate the output and work done on these topics in our project group.

We would like to express our gratitude to all who came and made our event a success with their committed participation. Many of you were deeply engrossed in conversation even after the official part, which is one of the best indicators of a long and fruitful evening.

You have been great – thank you a lot!

More information about the TUD Research Alumni project



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