General information

The TU Dresden Welcome Center staff will be pleased to support you to their best ability in your search for an appropriate room or apartment. However, due to the high effort involved in finding suitable places for all our clients we will only be able to offer you up to 3 apartments. Please ask your host institute to send us a mandate as early as possible to  us by e-mail as early as possible to make sure you find a place that makes you feel at home. To find out how we may assist you depending on the duration of your stay, read the subsection relevant to your stay:

  • Short trips up to 3 months
  • Short-term stays from 3 to 12 months
  • Long-term stays from 12 months

For further essential information on this topic for incoming researchers, such as…

  • what is important to know about Dresden’s rental market, especially for furnished accommodation?
  • what do the terms warm rent (Warmmiete) and cold rent (Kaltmiete) signify?
  • how will I be billed for my heat and water usage?
  • what additional costs on top of my rent should I expect to pay?

…read the corresponding section of our Welcome Guide and our information about Utilities first.


Furnished vs. Unfurnished apartments

Furnished apartment Unfurnished apartment
Mostly short-term contracts Almost exclusively long-term contracts available
1-12 months minimum rental period Approx. 12 months minimum rental period (+3 month cancellation period)
The apartments are more or less well equipped (sometimes you have to bring your own bed linen, blankets, etc.). Comparatively cheaper and suitable for a period of 15-36 months, may or may not include a fitted kitchen
Significantly more expensive than unfurnished apartments, especially in the long term (longer than 12 months). This is due to the equipment and the short-term contracts. Pieces of furniture can be taken over at a moderate price by the previous tenant (only after arrangement!).
Offered by:
Available from private property owners.
Often available for subletting as a shared apartment with other students. This form of living is abbreviated as “WG” (Wohngemeinschaft).
“Student flats” of real estate companies with simply furnished flats without any equipment other than the necessary.