Advent Calendar 2015
Click for surprise!

Getting prepared (photo: C. Reichert)
Getting prepared (photo: C. Reichert)

Today it has finally started: the TU Dresden Welcome Center Calendar 2015! Our student intern Ella was doing quite a lot of research in November to fill all Calendar Days with information about Christmas traditions, songs, stories, recipes and so on.

Nowadays, the Advent season has changed into a time of pleasant anticipation, including such treats as chocolate-filled Advent calendars. In Germany those Advent calendars are very popular, filled with chocolate or even small surprises. Our special Advent calendars has 24 little doors for you to open – starting 1 December you open one per day by clicking the number. Don’t click ahead – it’ll not work ;-)

There will be an announcement each morning on Facebook each day, follow the link and look for the right number to get the information!

We wish you all a pleasant Advent Season!

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