We are looking for Bike Buddies
To learn and teach!

A professional bike course in English language does not exist in Dresden, so how about learning with a tandem? Photo: C. Reichert

Some of you come to us with the question: Where can I find someone who can teach me how to ride a bike?

We would love to help you, because we know that here in Dresden and Germany it is common to go to work by bike and make bike trips. Being able to cycle also means being able to integrate well.

Here we want to open a platform for learners and teachers. Please sign up if you want to learn cycling or if you have time and desire to teach it to others.
We only arrange the contact. Please make an appointment yourself and get a bike for learning. A good place is the Großer Garten in Dresden with big open paths.

For further questions we are there for you! And now: Let’s go.