What’s On In Dresden
15 – 21 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) Happy St. Martinsday! Every year around the 11 November, mainly children with colorful lanterns wander through the streets singing Martins- and lanternsongs like “Laterne, Laterne“. But who was Saint Martin, who is remembered every year – especially in Catholic regions – with Martin’s processions and roast goose? According to legend, Martin was a Roman soldier, who rode past a starving and freezing beggar on a cold winter’s day. He felt so sorry for the man that Martin shared his warm coat with the sword and gave the beggar a half. In the night […]

What’s On In Dresden
8 – 14 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) We hope you enjoyed the first week of November, had lots of arty-moments at the “Kreativmesse”! Tips for the weekend The 15th International Film Festival for Human Rights and Development “MOVE IT!” will take place from 7 – 13 November. Lots of exciting films await you there, some of them in English, as well as films, concerts, discussions, and conversations. Don’t miss the festival! It’s well worth a visit. On Thursday there will be a grand opening with champagne and a party. Perfect to get in touch with people. If you like soccer […]

What’s On In Dresden
1 – 7 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) We hope you enjoyed a good Halloween Party, have not been too scared and had lots of sweets =) Tips for the weekend This time of the year is perfect to get creative. It gets dark early and since it is cold outside, make yourself comfortable at home and do some handicrafts. You can find the necessary inspiration and materials at the “Kreativmesse Dresden“, a trades fair all around creative ideas offering workshops or, if you are not very creative yourself, you can just buy from creative people. Maybe you have already started […]

What’s On In Dresden
25 – 31 October 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) Tips for the weekend – Staff picks The DAVE Festival for Clubculture has some more days to go. This year’s motto “Retrofuture” addresses not only the obvious aesthetic perspective but also the social relevance of club culture. Lessons for a responsible social dialogue can also be drawn from a reflected look into the past. Today, according to this, the protagonists increasingly refer to the former promises of techno on their very own playground of electronic music, the club. In addition to the function of escapism and the aesthetic confrontation with different art movements, […]

Meißen is not only porcelain
Excursion report

The “cradle of Saxony”, home to Germany’s oldest castle as well as toone of the world’s most famous porcelain factories: all of these define the   sweet little city of Meißen, standing on the banks of the Elbe river not so far from Dresden. So as to discover a bit more of this wonderful town, a group of researchers travelled over with the S-Bahn along withKaterina. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as much with a light rain accompanying the researchers. However, that was not enough to put out the group’s curiosity to explore Dresden’s neighboring city. And it was definitely […]

Go and watch it!

Once the last summer days have passed and the nights become longer – and the weather not as nice – it’s the perfect time to enjoy good movies. For us, a good movie should be entertaining, but it should also provide something to think about. Do you agree? Great, then we’d like to introduce you to the “MOVE IT! Filmfestival”. The festival The festival’s focus is what makes it so special: Since 2004, the latest national and international documentary and feature films relating to topics of human rights and development are shown. It was founded by Akifra e.V., an organization […]

The SemperOperaball
– the most beautiful night of the year

In the end of January or the beginning of February every year, the Semper Opera turns into the setting of one of the most prestigious and important European ballroom events. To hold a ball in the Dresden opera house has a long tradition. Already from 1925 until 1939, the Semper Opera was host of such glorious events, even though back then, you could also hear Jazz being played – along with the traditional classic music and Waltz. After the war, there had been plans to re-establish the ball, however the huge demolitions and the government made the undertaking impossible. Since […]

The Grand Garden – Dresden’s green lung

Dresden is a beautiful place to be but in some ways it’s also just like any other city – loud and hectic. To escape all of that, you don’t have to leave the city’s borders: Within walking distance to the city center you can find the Grand Garden with beautiful flowerbeds and picturesque alleyways through extensive meadows and forests. It’s the perfect location to relax – and more than just that. The Grand Garden isn’t just a simple public park. It stands in Dresden’s centuries-old tradition of landscaping and gardening and is one of the most important garden estates in […]

Come together – at the Elbhangfest

The hillside along the river Elbe is famous for its beauty and every year there’s a street festival to celebrate this special cultural landscape – the Elbhangfest. The tradition of the Elbhangfest began in 1990 as a charity event for the church in the vineyard of Pillnitz and the restauration of the church in Loschwitz. However, the first grand festivities took place about 300 years ago: August the Strong then ordered his master builder Pöppelmann to expand the manor of Pillnitz and create a castle complex that would suit August’s lavish celebrations. Now, on the last weekend in June, the […]

Short trips in Saxony – Leipzig

If you ask anyone in Saxony which city you should visit besides Dresden, they’ll probably immediately reply “Leipzig”. The reasons are perfectly obvious, as Leipzig, with its over 1.000 years of history, combines both tradition and the modern age, culture and new trends. Thanks to its architecture, Leipzig has several nicknames: It is called “Little Paris”, “Athens on the River Pleisse” and “Venice of the North”. No matter which resemblance you prefer, once you visit Leipzig, you’ll find that the city of the Peaceful Revolution has a unique charm and that there are lots of things to visit. We have […]