What’s On In Dresden
22 – 28 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) The Christmas market season begins! Around Christmas time, Dresden is full of fairy lights, decorations and Christmas markets. If you walk through the city from the end of November until New Year’s Eve, Christmas markets will be waiting for you around every corner. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to give you some hot tips for the most beautiful Christmas markets and locations. The first markets open their doors on 27 November. Tips for the weekend This weekend is the magical digital – feminism – festival at Hellerau! dgtl fmnsm deals with […]

What’s On In Dresden
15 – 21 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) Happy St. Martinsday! Every year around the 11 November, mainly children with colorful lanterns wander through the streets singing Martins- and lanternsongs like “Laterne, Laterne“. But who was Saint Martin, who is remembered every year – especially in Catholic regions – with Martin’s processions and roast goose? According to legend, Martin was a Roman soldier, who rode past a starving and freezing beggar on a cold winter’s day. He felt so sorry for the man that Martin shared his warm coat with the sword and gave the beggar a half. In the night […]

What’s On In Dresden
8 – 14 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) We hope you enjoyed the first week of November, had lots of arty-moments at the “Kreativmesse”! Tips for the weekend The 15th International Film Festival for Human Rights and Development “MOVE IT!” will take place from 7 – 13 November. Lots of exciting films await you there, some of them in English, as well as films, concerts, discussions, and conversations. Don’t miss the festival! It’s well worth a visit. On Thursday there will be a grand opening with champagne and a party. Perfect to get in touch with people. If you like soccer […]

What’s On In Dresden
1 – 7 November 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) We hope you enjoyed a good Halloween Party, have not been too scared and had lots of sweets =) Tips for the weekend This time of the year is perfect to get creative. It gets dark early and since it is cold outside, make yourself comfortable at home and do some handicrafts. You can find the necessary inspiration and materials at the “Kreativmesse Dresden“, a trades fair all around creative ideas offering workshops or, if you are not very creative yourself, you can just buy from creative people. Maybe you have already started […]

What’s On In Dresden
25 – 31 October 2019

What’s On In Dresden? (Photo: M. Hultsch) Tips for the weekend – Staff picks The DAVE Festival for Clubculture has some more days to go. This year’s motto “Retrofuture” addresses not only the obvious aesthetic perspective but also the social relevance of club culture. Lessons for a responsible social dialogue can also be drawn from a reflected look into the past. Today, according to this, the protagonists increasingly refer to the former promises of techno on their very own playground of electronic music, the club. In addition to the function of escapism and the aesthetic confrontation with different art movements, […]

Tips for the upcoming week
8 – 14 February 2018

Thursday, 8 February: Wind River (German Premiere) Do not miss the German premiere of this box office success, dealing with important yet relatively widely unknown issues on the last frontier of the American wilderness. This chilling thriller follows a rookie FBI agent who teams up with a local game tracker in order to investigate the murder of a girl on a remote Native American Reservation in the hopes of solving her mysterious death. The director, Taylor Sheridan, explained how the opening “inspired by true events” card was a reference to the thousands of actual stories just like it, involving sexual […]

13 February and its significance for Dresden
Historical background and guidelines

  Historic Background World War II in Germany and Europe The second world war lasted 6 years (1939-1945) and represented the largest military conflict in history, involving all of the great powers of the 20th century and killing millions of people from many different countries across the world. It was the first time in recorded history that the civilian population was effected more severely than that of the military. For the first time entire urban areas were destroyed using air attacks. Cities like Warsaw (Poland), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Coventry (United Kingdom) and Dresden (Germany) became symbols of this destruction. In addition to Dresden, many big and […]

FameLab Dresden 27 March 2018
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INVITATION FameLab Germany enters its seventh year – sign up now to participate in one of the most fun and entertaining science communication competitions: The regional heat FameLab Germany: Dresden will be held on Tuesday, March 27th, in Dresden. “FameLab – Talking Science” is an international competition to find the best new talent in science communication. The aim of FameLab is to encourage young scientists to inspire and excite the public’s imagination with a vision of science in the 21st century. On stage, candidates have just three minutes to present their topic to a panel of expert judges and to […]

Tips for the upcoming week
21 – 27 December 2017

Thursday, 21 December: Lotta Sleeps & No King. No Crown. (Concert) Low on cash but you still want to go out and enjoy some good live music? Not a problem! Tonight, two bands, “Lotta Sleeps” and “No King. No Crown.” Will be performing at Dresden’s Hole of Fame on a donation based admission! “Lotta Sleeps” is a band with five members playing a variety of instruments, ranging from the regular acoustic guitar, bass and drums, to the violin, trumpet and mandolin. Their musical style is a mixture of folk with post-rock, indie pop, as well as a pinch of jazz […]

Tips for the upcoming week
30 November – 6 December

  ***Special event*** TU Dresden International Christmas Party, Friday 8 December – Get your tickets at the Welcome Center – More information about program and venue here and on Facebook. Thursday, 30 November: 8. Neustädter Gelichter – Christmas at the Scheune This week, Christmas markets are opening everywhere in Dresden and throughout Germany! When walking through the city’s old town, a short walk may lead you to stumble upon more than one market, on the Neustadt side of the river, things aren’t any different! Come and visit this cozy little market right in the middle of the Neustadt, which opens […]