Christmas Elves Project 2019
Dresden families invite international researchers

German and Syrian family celebrate Christmas together (photo: private)

Christmas is a time to celebrate and to be together. As a very personal Christmas tradition, the DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden invites German families to share the spirit of Christmas with international researchers. As hosts, German families show international researchers and their families and friends how this special time is celebrated in Germany and Dresden. Together they bake biscuits, enjoy mulled wine, sing Christmas carols or visit a Christmas market. In return, the researchers give them an insight into their own culture, tell them about their traditions or their special holidays and perhaps even surprise the hosts with some traditional dishes. And don't be afraid of language barriers. The less both sides speak each other's languages, the more hands and feet you use and the more fun it will be ;)

The invitations will take place between 7 December 2019 and 5 Januar 2020. Please register as guests or hosts below using the forms.
Best wishes,

Your Welcome Center Team