Crossing Bridges:
Oldtimer bus tour for newcomers in Dresden

Photo stop at Theaterplatz (Photo: C. Reichert)
Photo stop at Theaterplatz (Photo: C. Reichert)


For the second time now the TU Dresden Welcome Center made a very special offer to international PhD students, Postdocs and guest researchers who have just arrived and wanted to get to know famous and secret spots both on campus and in the city. To make it unforgettable we booked a very special vehicle that was both an eye catcher for tourists along the way and for our internationals sitting inside. Our oldtimer bus tour began with a short walk over the campus and finished in a cozy restaurant with good food and interesting chats.

We all met in front of the Zeuner Bau on the main campus where our tour guide Günter Kieb welcomed us, himself a former TU Dresden student and passionate Dresden citizen. He provided us with lots of interesting insights and anecdotes. Once we were at the bus stop our historic tour bus arrived and off we went. This time our favourite bus was out of order due to a disfunctional clutch, but there was another very charming bus the company “Böhme’s Gesellschaftsfahrten” sent out: a bus from the 70ies built in the “Fleischer Werke” in Jena (former GDR times, German Democratic Republic, former so-called “East Germany”, existing from 1949 – 1990). Even the decoration inside the bus is still original from the 1970s. The bus tour included two stops: A brief one in front of the Semper Opera at “Theaterplatz” for a group photo, which you can see above and a second one where we had a surprise cake picnic at the river Elbe. The cake is a specialty here in Dresden and called ‘Eierschecke’ (it´s a custard-topped cream cheese-style cake). If you want to try and make it yourself, here you can find a recipe.

Going through Dresden, we passed many famous buildings and our tour guide gave a brief overview over the city’s 800 years of history with lots of interesting facts. Did you know that the Townhall Tower was the only tower that survived the bombings when Dresden was almost completely destroyed 13/14 February 1945 in World War II? Or that the main police station is where it always had been in all those hundreds of years? Or that you’d have to swim about 660 km from Dresden to Hamburg?

Our tour concluded in Dresden Neustadt in ‘Wenzel Prager Bierstuben’ with delicious traditional Czech food. There we came up with lots of ideas about getting started in Dresden and getting connected to others quickly. For all those who would like to get to know each other and find people who are as new to Dresden as you are, join the facebook group for newcomers and get in touch!

Our thanks go to the Gesellschaft für Freunde und Förderer (GFF) and the TU School of Science for helping us financing the bus and the guide!


Photos: C. Reichert

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