Degree Recognition

General information

Sometimes the Immigration Office or International Office require proof that your foreign degree is equivalent to a German qualification. The easiest way to check is to find out whether your degree certificate and(!) your higher education institution are both listed and recognised as equivalent in the exact same form as on your certificate for your exact discipline in the German anabin database of foreign higher education qualifications. If your certificate or higher education institution are not listed as recognised in the database, you may be required to have your foreign degree certificate(s) assessed by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB), subject to an assessment fee per certificate. Note that in order to have your degree certificate assessed, it may need to be translated into German by an authorised translater first. Degree certificates issued in German, English, French or Spanish need not be translated before they can be assessed, but the Immigration Office may still require an authorised translation. Please check with your officers at the Immigration Office or International Office.

Whom to contact

anabin database and Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB)

Step 1

If you were asked to check the comparability of your degree: To (have us) search for your degree certificate and higher education institution in the anabin database (German only), either e-mail us a copy of your highest academic qualification attained, or if you speak sufficient German, go to the anabin database (search by degree) and click “Suchen nach Abschlüssen” to search by degree type, then select the country where your degree was obtained in the “Länderauswahl” dropdown menu and filter for your degree type where it says “Alle Abschlusstypen”. To check if your higher education institution is listed as well, go to the anabin database (search by institution) and click “Suchen”, then select the respective country in the “Länderauswahl” dropdown menu. Narrowing your search with a search term where it says “Bitte geben Sie einen Suchbegriff ein” is optional.

Step 2

If your degree is not listed in the database and you need to apply for a Statement of Comparability for your degree: For comprehensive information about the application, procedure, fees and required documents, visit the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB)’s website.

IBAS – Informations- und Beratungsstelle Anerkennung Sachsen (for further guidance)

A helpful application manual has been compiled by IBAS (Saxon information and guidance service for the recognition of foreign qualifications, an NGO).

If you need additional help filing your application for degree assessment, make an appointment with the local IBAS office.