Event report: Berlin – Off the beaten tracks

We couldn’t be more happy about the great participants who made this excursion a blast!

Last weekend, a group of young and adventurous researchers joined an “off the beaten track” excursion to Berlin, far from the typical tourist attractions and well-known landmarks.

Accordingly, we received a detailed insight on Berlin’s fascinating street art by an authentic and local guide who told us numerous fun and mesmerizing anecdotes about the artists who are secretly working on the streets of Berlin.

Sun-tanned due to the wonderful weather, we visited the Asisi Panometer afterwards, in which we received an impression of the daily life in the divided city during the GDR-times. The artist created the feeling of sitting on a balcony in the western part of Berlin and meanwhile overviewing the wall, the no-man-zone as well as the adjacent Eastern part of the city.

On our last day in the capital of Germany, we got the chance to have a look behind the scenes of the German Bundestag. Thus, our guide told us about the destruction of the building during the 2nd World War as well as the reconstruction afterwards, the tunnel system that connects the different buildings and even showed us the office of chancellor Angela Merkel. Afterwards, we were granted the opportunity to visit the glass copula of the building that allows a wonderful view over the city.

As our last point on the agenda, we went to the so-called „Kulturbrauerei“, a former brewery which is now an area which is home to a theater, a writing center, clubs and restaurants – and a  GDR-museum that depicts the everyday-life in the GDR. It beautifully complemented what we just had learnt about this era at the Asisi Panometer.

To sum it up, it was a magnificent excursion and everyone was very pleased (and maybe a little bit tired) as we finally arrived in Dresden safely after a weekend full of adventures in the capital of Germany.

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