Event report: Hiking with Therése to Papststein

Photo: D. Hariyanto


Once again, in the beautiful autumn season, Therése guided us a hike to Papststein (451 m) in Saxon Switzerland, a table mountain located around four kilometers southeast of Königstein and about three kilometers south of Bad Schandau. A group of 15 international students started a challenging journey from Bad Schandau station crossed down marvelous scenery of traditional village and green field. Sometimes, we took a small break to look the map up just to make sure we were on the right track. The wandering continued with an exciting conversation among us.

On the first spot, we stopped in the cave, make a break and lunch, and joining to a group of kindness local people who offered us a local delicious food. Just after a break, we then continued our journey and greeted by the smiled cute deer.

The final climbing was with the full spirit and paid fully with a wonderful scenery on the peak of Papststein. Some took a photo, either in a selfie or group. Others tried to taste drinks or foods offered by a restaurant that provided a cozy and warm environment.

Around one hour after, we crossed down through a path full of the golden leaves. We did a little run to make sure we arrived at the station in time. An exciting riddle-game accompanied us along our trip back to Dresden main station.

It felt we didn’t want it to end soon, it was an unforgettable trip with you all guys. Thanks to Therése for organizing this memorable journey.

Text and Photos by: D. Hariyanto

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