Event Report on Weimar
(19 – 21 October 2018)

How do 17 researchers from all over the world get in touch with German culture for just one weekend? Right, when they go on a trip to Weimar, known as the centre of high culture in Germany.

Located in the state of Thuringia, the city is known for its great cultural heritage and important personalities in literature, architecture and art.

Every German student has met him at least once in class: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Nothing was therefore more obvious than a visit to the Goethe National Museum, where we learned a lot about the most important writer of German literature and had the opportunity to stroll through the rooms of his residence.

Throughout Germany, the influence of Weimar is evident in art, literature and architecture, and who could be more involved than a university? In fact, the campus of the Bauhaus University Weimar is not only metaphorically the cultural cradle, but also an official UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

There you can find pieces and information about Kandinsky, Wagner, Klee and not least Walther Gropius.

A further historical chapter was opened on the excursion with a visit to the former Buchenwald concentration camp. Since 1958, the once largest concentration camp, the Buchenwald Memorial and Remembrance Site, has been on the grounds since 1958, a guided tour of the site that informed about the lives of the prisoners and the murders of you.

Unplanned, but no less beautiful to admire, were also the Belvedere Park and the castle, where in the end of course also the traditional German cuisine was served.

In summary, we can say that we can look back on a wonderful excursion with few old, but all the more exciting faces! And for all of you planning a trip to Weimar soon, we absolutely recommend the charming Hummel Hostel! We had such a wonderful time there, this place is priceless.

Your Welcome Center team Katarina and Rudi!