Excursion to Bautzen – report

Hill-top view to Bautzen (Photos: K. Dimitrova)

Finally March greeted us with a wonderful sunny weekend! A perfect opportunity for our international researchers to explore Dresden’s surroundings! So why not to go on a day trip to Bautzen? Although Bautzen is a small town, it attracts many people with its beautiful medieval atmosphere, nature and unique Sorbian culture. As a hill-top town located on the Spree river it offers amazing views. The inhabitants of Bautzen are very friendly and even at the end of our city tour our city guide gave some of us a little book with winter fairy tales from the region. A motivating present for our international researchers, who are on their way to learn German and to get to know its culture!

Of course we didn’t miss to try out traditional Sorbian dishes for lunch. Even though we were at the restaurant only 10 minutes before the kitchen closed, the staff welcomed us. On the other hand, the name of Bautzen is associated with the following sentence: “Those who hear the name of Bautzen have to think on jail!’’ – a regional newspaper titled in summer 1999.

Why? To answer that question, our researcjers went to jail with Katerina… on a guided Tour of course! The prison system during National Socialism, Soviet occupation, dictatorship of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (former East German ruling party) and also tactics of secrecy and intrigues between the prisoners were astonishing and even new facts for some among us. You can visit the Bautzen memorial even for free admission: https://en.stsg.de/cms/bautzen/bautzen-memorial

It was a great weekend day with you guys! Thank you for joining and I am looking forward to meeting you soon!


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