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Welcome Guide for international researchers

Front page of the Welcome Guide
Front page of the new Welcome Guide online publication

It has taken a while and hundreds of eyes for a final check, but here it is! The Welcome Guide is meant to give orientation and guidance for your first arrival and throughout your stay. On 42 pages we have tried to fit in all sorts of important things to know and do to help make your transition as smooth as possible. This guide will give you an introduction to visa and entry topics, guidance on health insurance and a list of important documents to bring – all of which are essential before arriving in Dresden. Next, having first arrived, you will need to know about the local registration, obtaining a residence (and potentially work) permit, housing and, perhaps, funding, as well. Living in Dresden is easy, but knowing about opening a bank account or obtaining your local driving license and, not least, learning the local language might help you to really start ‘living’ in Dresden sooner than expected. Are you planning to bring your family? Great! The Welcome Guide has important information in store for you, as well.

Check it out here and share with others! Any feedback is welcome.

For individual consultations and support, please contact us at the TU Dresden Welcome Center.


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