Full scholarship for scientists at risk

Philipp Schwartz Initiative Supports International Researchers in Need for Two Years

Already in the fifth call for proposals, universities and research institutions in Germany will have the opportunity to accept endangered (in their home countries) or already fled researchers for 24 months with a full scholarship from the Philipp Schwartz Initiative. The TUD is therefore looking for hosts who can accept scientists. Either they already know these scientists, or they are looking to make themselves available for an already registered endangered scientist as a host. Requirements include a completed doctorate and proof of endangerment.

The TU Dresden was successful with its applications in the 2nd and 4th rounds and has been able to support two scientists from Syria and their families with a scholarship, the entry of a third scientist is still pending. Also in this new round of calls for proposals for researchers who are in danger and are looking for a safe country to continue their research are to be submitted. The DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden is responsible for the applications of the TUD and supports hosts and applying reserchers. It is also possible to initiate the placement of an endangered scientist from this list (https://www.scholarsatrisk.org/actions/host-a-scholar).

All chairs are hereby invited to address candidates known to them or to express interest as hosts. The application deadline is 8 March. Please report suitable candidates by the end of January at the best, as they will have to pass through various testing authorities before such an application can be submitted. In 2016 the TUD joined the International Scholars at Risk Network (SAR), in the same year a German SAR Section was founded. In this way, universities can exchange information on the supervision of their funded researchers and make their contribution to the protection of academic freedom.

Contact persons:
DRESDEN-concept Welcome Center at TU Dresden
Claudia Reichert (claudia.reichert@tu-dresden.de)
Information on the funding programme:

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