Home-baked cookies for Yongchen
Thanks to wonderful Dresden Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves Sebastian and Mai-Lan with their invited family for a day (Photo: S. Salentin)


The first Christmas invitations for our international researchers were accepted and they, as well as the hosts, shared the first impressions with us.

On a snowy Sunday Asif visited the Stamm family in Freital for a real Advent afternoon with the traditional Christmas Stollen. They animatedly talked about life in Germany and Pakistan, Asif’s home country, where the young computer scientist is going to spend the Christmas time with his wife. In the early evening the Stamm family invited their guest to the Christmas market in Burgh, where they had mulled wine and hot punch, before Asif travelled back to Dresden.

One week later, Shirong, his wife Xinqin and their son Yongchen went to Striesen to visit Sebastian and Mai-Lan, who were waiting for them with all ingredients for delicious Christmas cookies. But first of all the guests showed their hosts an interesting presentation about life in their home town Shanghai. The baking session in the kitchen was a great pleasure for all five, but the five-years-old  Yongchen was definitely the one who enjoyed it most to cut the dough and decorate the baked cookies with lots of chocolate. While making cookies the Chinese family and their hosts had enough time to get to know each other and talk about Christmas traditions, before the guests left with a big bag of self-made delicacies. And Sebastian and Mai-Lan are very much looking forward to their visit at Shirong’s place.

At the same time, a few streets further, Corina and her family had invited for cookie baking as well. Until now we do not know, whether Jay-Kant, Pinki and Shaimaa were as good in baking as the Chinese family at Sebastian and Mai-Lan’s place… Stay with us to get to know the results of the cookie contest soon!


Photos: S. Salentin


Just around the corner, Jay-Kant reports, the snowy and chilling cold weather has started challenging us but tour excitement to meet the German family defeated the challenge. The excitement made us wait rather long till 4 pm. However, before this, we had another nice event from Welcome Center at Thalia cinema.

We reached our German family around 4:15 pm and were warmly welcomed by Corina and her 20 months young daughter Lea.

As she has also invited some other colleagues together with another PhD student named Shaimaa Hefny whom we had already met at earlier event at Thalia. After taking a nice coffee, we did started baking, and making some typical German Christmas making cookies followed by cooling and  decorating them. No competition but I would say it needed some techniques to make some nice shapes. We made mostly heart shapes, star shapes, half moon shapes and sometimes just random shapes.
Well, I also inquired about reason for typical shapes however, explanation for some shapes seemed to be historical. On between what followed was German-English conversation with some cultural sharing from us as well as from Shaimaa. Later we decorated the Christmas tree together. What was even more interesting was the excitement Lea has in decorating them. She has enjoyed a lot eating cookies we baked.

We at the end also showed them some Nepalese traditions and culture through our marriage album book.

And then comes end of the show. Corinna gave us pastries we baked together and we greeted each other “Gute Nacht” and we are quite hopeful to invite her and her family to our home later.




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