What’s On in Dresden 23 August – 29 August 2019

Friday, 23 August: Hechtfest 2019 Following the city’s large Stadtfest, the Hecht district – adjacent to the Neustadt’s Northwest side – welcomes the last of the three main neighbourhood festivals of the year. After this year’s editions of Sankt Pieschen and the Bunte Republik Neustadt in June, it is now the Hecht’s time to shine with their very own Hechtfest. Although this is only a matter of opinion, many consider the Hechtfest to be the best of all three, offering an array of activities and attractions in a wonderful and somewhat more spacious backdrop. This year’s highlights include Dresden’s largest […]

What’s On in Dresden
16 August – 22 August

Friday, 16 August: Canaletto – Dresden’s City Festival This Friday, Dresden welcomes all of its residents and visitors for the opening of the 21st edition of its city festival, named after the Italian artist Canaletto. Bernardo Bellotto, known in Germany and Poland by the nickname of his uncle, Canaletto, lived in Dresden from 1747 to 1758, following an invitation from King August III of Poland. During his stay in the Saxon capital, Canaletto painted numerous scenes of Dresden, thereby immortalizing the beauty of this baroque city as it was prior to its destruction at the end of the Second World War. […]

What’s On in Dresden 9 August – 15 August 2019

Friday, 9 August: A pantomimic summernight at Societaetstheater Dresden “The classic on the garden stage – with new episodes once again! Wordless, funny! Bodecker & Neander, the two internationally acclaimed pantomimes from Berlin, arrive again with a basket full of theatre delicacies. They invite the audience to enjoy a magical summer evening together in the beautiful Theatergarten. But again and again something comes in between… Served in silence: pointed humour, fine comedy, optical illusions, romantic time travel, surreal, contemporary, magic and, well, quiet music. An excursion for the mind, without any language barriers.” [Text translated from: https://www.facebook.com/events/681598425632686/] When the weather […]

What’s On in Dresden 2 August – 8 August 2019

Friday, 2 August: Skate Night – Family Round The Dresden Skate Nights are one of the city’s most impressive events, unparalleled in the rest of the country for the fact that it takes place on every single Friday during the summer months and allows participants to skate on the streets with police support closing off all traffic to ensure a safe environment. If you would also like to take part but it’s been a really long time since you last put on roller skates or if you’d like to participate and are afraid your children might not be able to […]

(c) Palais Sommer, Toni Kretschmer

What’s On in Dresden
26 July – 1 August 2019

  Picture: Palaissommer Dresden; Toni Kretschmer Friday, 26 July: Critical Mass Meet new people at the Critical Mass Events where cyclists meet to ride in community through the city, both protesting  for more cycle friendly city and against the preeminance of cars and also because it is fun to ride as a group. Swing by and meet new people. Beginning: 6:30 pm; Admission: Free; How to get there: Skatepark Lignerallee; https://bit.ly/2OiBv3w; You should come by bike More information: https://criticalmass.in/dresden Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/448206922671981 Saturday, 27 July: Jazz Concert Traditional Cuban music, Buena Vista feeling, the taste of sun & salt of […]

What’s On in Dresden
19 July – 25 July 2019

Friday, 19 July: Skate Night/ HfbK Rave Love to skate and discover new areas of Dresden? Join the SkateNight and enjoy skating the streets in a strong group adventure, so cars don’t matter as much! This friday there is a big round into the outer Neustadt. The plan is to roll over the Waldschlösschen bridge and through the ElbePark, but construction sites can still change the route. There will be a break at the Elbepark and the tour will be 23 km long in total. So please keep in mind that you can safely brake (!) and keep up a […]

What’s On in Dresden 12 July – 18 July 2019

Archer ar the Elbe (Pixabay license, free for use) Friday, 12 July: “Umsonst & Draußen” – outdoors & for free From 11.07. – 13.07.2019 the artderkultur e.V. together with many volunteers organizes for the 12th time the only Umsonst-&-Draußen-Festival in Saxony. The festival, which is dedicated to what the organizers call “Flanschrock” (meaning cross-over music, not fixed to one genre), will take place in front of the Garnisonskirche (Stauffenbergallee/Tannenstraße) and you will find DIY, relaxed people and many grandiose local and national bands. On Friday the festival starts at 7 p.m. (i.e. cross-genre music is played), on Saturday it starts […]

To make the Makerena or not to make the Makerena, that was the question here

On June 22nd we were back again! For the fifth time the “Scientific Crushers” started at this year’s Dragon Boat Festival at the “Blue Wonder” in Dresden and competed against different institutions in Dresden. It was very refreshing to welcome an almost completely new team to the Elbe this year. On Saturday before the actual competition we had the opportunity to train with the team of the sports club. There we received helpful tips, most of which we tried to apply for. We realized how exhausting it can be to keep the rhythm and push the paddle into the water […]

What’s On in Dresden 5 July – 11 July 2019

Friday, 5 July: Mantra Singing The Sanskrit word “mantra” originates from the roots man-, which means “to think” and the suffix -tra, which means “tool” or “instrument”. Hence, the word can be directly translated as a “tool for thinking” or “an instrument of thought”. The earliest recorded mantras were composed in Sanskrit, the holy language of India which is no longer spoken today, and are over 3000 years old. Every Friday, the Mindaesthetics group Dresden invites all of those who are interested in the power of mantras to join them at the yoga café Achtsam to repeat some of these […]

What’s On in Dresden 28 June – 4 July

The Welcome Center Dragon Boat Team last year (Photo: C. Reichert) Friday, 28 June: “Young Choreographers” (Dance-Theatre HELLERAU) The program Junge Choreograf*innen will be a thrilling occasion aiming to nurture growth, professional experience, awareness and artistic responsibility in-between the dancers. 5 young Choreographers will present their individual performances in the European Center of Arts HELLERAU as part of the engagement and commitment with the current generation of dancers and future choreographers.  The workes by and with dancers of the “Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company” will not only be diverting – the shortest piece runs only 6 minutes, the longest 14 minutes […]