What’s On in Dresden 15 February – 21 February 2019

Friday, 15 February: Bandstand Festival Every year, promising newcomers and representatives of the local band scene present their latest sets and band projects at Dresden’s biggest indoor festival. In addition to the opportunity to get to know Saxony’s band scene, the audience can look forward to a few artistic surprises every year between the stage acts at presumed and unexpected locations. (Text taken from the event’s website). Be sure to check out the link below which includes plenty of information on each of the bands that will play this weekend at Hellerau. If you cannot make it on Friday, the festival […]

What’s On in Dresden 8 February – 14 February 2019

Friday, 8 February: Johnny Campbell, The Black Elephant Band & LonA Johnny Campbell: A fast, ruthless, uncompromising sound which lends its influences from far and wide. Johnny is also a humorous storyteller and recalls stories of touring from twenty countries and counting where he’s plied his trade. Embracing traditional music from Europe and sometimes frantic Bluegrass style picking, Johnny performs mostly self-penned inspiring songs of protest, migration and debauchery. The Black Elephant Band is led by the Nurnberg-based bearded punk musician who sings in English and does not waste time with his songs. Most of its songs are under two […]

Leafless trees in a riverside park in Dresden

What’s On in Dresden 1 February – 7 February 2019

Friday, 1 February: 14th Semper Opera Ball One of Dresden’s most beautiful and famous annual events takes place this Friday, as all of Germany turns its eyes towards the Semper Opera for the 14th edition of its beautiful ball. A true gala event, this is somewhat similar to the German edition of the Academy Awards, where nearly 2,500 prominent figures all come together for a magical evening. The event is broadcast to millions of people watching all around Europe and includes ballet and other dance performances, a live orchestra, as well as a wonderful debutante show including 100 couples. The […]

What’s On in Dresden 25 January – 31 January 2019

Friday, 25 January: Opening of the Dresden “Winterzauber” The year has just begun but perhaps a few of you already miss the smell of glühwein and the grilled bratwurst from the Christmas markets in December. If you thought you would have to wait all the way until this year’s Christmas season to experience these delicacies we have great news: this Friday marks the opening of Dresden’s main winter market, “Winterzauber”, or Winter Magic in English. It may not be as large and well decorated as a true Christmas market but if you are after some good glühwein to warm you […]

What’s On in Dresden 18 January – 24 January 2019

Friday, 18 January: The Great Gatsby (Text taken from the event website) “Loud jazz, affordable alcohol and pompous parties – in the middle of the 1920s one name is on everyone’s lips: Gatsby. Nobody knows who the charming billionaire is or where he comes from but being part of his festivities is part of the daily life of every New Yorker. The young stockbroker Nick Carraway soon finds himself at one of these revelries and discovers that there is a deep secret behind the glamorous facade.” The play is based on the classic book by F. Scott Fitzgerald which regained […]

Relcoation allowance for (PhD-)students of TU Dresden

Of course there are a thousand good reasons to start a PhD in Dresden. Those PhD students who are also enrolled at the TU Dresden and who moved to Dresden for the first time between last year and today. So if you moved to Dresden for the first time between 01 January – 31 December from another city or abroad, you can apply for a relocation allowance in the following year. The relocation allowance is 150 EUR (as of 2019). The allowance must be applied for personally at the Studentenwerk by 29 March 2019. It is not possible to apply […]

What’s On in Dresden 11 January – 17January 2019

Friday, 11 January: Concert of the Sächsische Staatskapelle In a four-part evening, the musicians of the Staatskapelle Dresden will dedicate themselves to the work of the current Capell composer Peter Eötvös. A broad cross-section of his oeuvre – from solo pieces to ensemble works – corresponds with works by Domenico Scarlatti, Claude Debussy or Ludwig van Beethoven, who have an important influence on the work of Peter Eötvös. In addition to the musical impressions, the composer will give insights into his work. The Staatskapelle Dresden may seem at first glance like just another common orchestra like any other, however, it […]

What’s On in Dresden – End of 2018, Beginning of 2019

As the end of the year approaches, it is time to look back and reflect on the moments that made the year so special. What defined 2018, what were its most important, most happy or sad moments of the year for you? Perhaps 2018 marked your move to Germany, the beginning of a journey towards a doctorate degree or perhaps it was the year you finally managed to learn the what once seemed impossible language that is German. Throughout the year we’ve published our weekly tips for every upcoming week and hope that at least a few led you to […]

What’s On in Dresden 21 December – 27 December 2018

Friday, 21 December: 2018 Short Film Day As the end of the year approaches, days keep on getting shorter until this Friday, the shortest day of the year. In 2011, the short film day was born in France to mark the shortest day of the year with showings of short films. The event, originally known in French as “le jour le plus court” has also been taking place in Germany ever since 2012 in a number of different venues, each showing either their own short films or short films from a number of different programs put together by the event’s […]

What’s On in Dresden 14 – 20 December 2018

Friday, 14 December: Kultura.Digital Kickoff Party & The Christmas Special We’ve got two very special events put together as tips for this Friday! The first is the kick off party for the kultura.digital website, a cross-border project from the TU Dresden together with the Dresden State Museums, the Jan-Evangelista-Purkyne University in Ústí nad Labem and the Euro-region Elbe/Labe. Kultura.digital will be a new platform for modern art in the German-Czech border region. The idea is simple: offers for modern art exhibitions are everywhere, from small ateliers up to large museums. The only problem however, is how to find them! The […]