General information

Ideally, if you know that your current contract of employment is ending within the next few months, you have already been actively exploring options of an extension and which other jobs may be available in your institute and partner institutes working in a similar field. As long as you only have an oral promise or a “maybe” from your supervisor for an extension, you should not simply rely on things working out, to be sure. As long as your new employer and you have not signed a new contract, you remain obliged to report to the Federal Employment Agency as a jobseeker 3 months before your current contract ends.

As a jobseeker who has previously paid contributions to unemployment insurance (deducted from your salary), you may be entitled to claim unemployment benefits. However, for holders of temporary residence permits it is important to note that some options of financial government support for jobseekers will harm your residence status. As a rule of thumb, only support given regardless of your present income is not harmful. In most cases, Arbeitslosengeld I (ALG I, unemployment benefits type I) will not harm your residence status. There may be other types of support not mentioned here for specific needs/circumstances. In any case, if you hold a temporary residence permit, please consult us in advance if you consider applying for any type of government support!

Finding a new job

Once you are registered as a jobseeker with the Federal Employment Agency, they can also offer their assistance to you in the job hunt. In addition, search regional research institutions’ and company’s websites for vacancies and use online job networks and job search platforms. Talk openly and repeatedly to as many people as you possibly can about your (impending) job search, including your supervisor, colleagues, friends, family, online and offline, even new acquaintances that you have just met… anyone might have a lead for your next job!

Talk to the Career Service if you want to find out about German job application standards and procedures outside of academia. When you are interested to pursue your career within Saxony it is worth checking INTAP – the international talent program.

If you need funding to finish a research project, look into obtaining a grant or scholarship as an alternative to employment. Search the funding databases listed below by the Graduate Academy and by EURAXESS. On our pages you can also find general information on research funding. And, of course, talk to us if you have any specific queries! Best of luck for your search!

Unemployment benefit type I (ALG I, Arbeitslosengeld I)

ALG I is a temporary jobseekers allowance which compensates for the loss of income after a fixed-term contract of employment ends or if an open-ended contract of employment was terminated by your employer. It amounts to 60% of your average income over the past 12 months and is payable only if your income was liable to social insurance deductions for a minimum period of time.

ALG I is not harmful to your residence permit, if your income is still deemed sufficient to sustain yourself (and any dependents) in the view of the Immigration office. If your ALG I income is deemed insufficient, the Federal Employment Agency will suggest that you apply for ALG II (see below) to close the gap. However, this should not be attempted if you are on a temporary residence permit.

Whether you consider applying for ALG I or not, note that you are required by law to report your impending jobseeker’s status to the Federal Employment Agency 3 months before your contract of employment ends (or within 3 days of learning about your employment’s termination). In addition, you must register as unemployed in person at the latest on the first day of unemployment to secure an entitlement to ALG I. ALG I will not be paid for some time if you are late to report as unemployed or if you terminate your contract rather than the employer.

To keep to the deadlines, to determine whether an ALG I application makes sense for your circumstances and whether your income from ALG I will suffice, please consult us as early as possible and at the very latest 3 full months before your current employment ends.

Unemployment benefit type II (ALG II, Arbeitslosengeld II)

Definitely harmful to your residence permit. ALG II (also informally known as Hartz IV) are social welfare benefits meant to secure a livelihood. The immigration office will be notified if you avail of any social welfare benefits. Keep in mind that any temporary residence permit is issued on the condition that you must have sufficient means throughout your stay to sustain yourself and your family financially. Therefore we strongly discourage applications for ALG II for any residence permit holder.

Whom to contact

Agentur für Arbeit

Find general information about ALG regulations here.

To report as a jobseeker and/or apply for ALG I or find out about the status of your application, contact your local branch of the Agentur für Arbeit  (Federal Employment Agency).

TU Dresden job database, Career Service, Graduate Academy and the EURAXESS funding database

To find regional vacancies, go to the TU Dresden Stellenticket job database.

To find funding opportunities, read our pages on Research Funding and contact the Graduate Academy and search their database as well as the EURAXESS funding database.

For career guidance outside academia, contact the Career Service.