Long-term stay ≥ 12 months

General information

We define long-term accommodation as for a period of longer than 12 months.

Target group
It is suitable for those coming to Dresden for an extended stay of over 12 months in total, because in most cases

  • a valid residence permit is required (or alternatively EU/EEA citizenship) and
  • a minimum rental period of 12 months applies.

Aspects to consider
Long-term accommodation is by far more common than furnished short-term accommodation. In contrast to most short-term accommodation it comes:

  • usually at significantly lower price
  • with a wider price range in the lower price segment, as availability and prices depend mainly on location (close proximity to campus or hip areas are always more in demand and more expensive)
  • unfurnished (i.e. literally empty; only in rare cases: partly furnished, e.g. if taking over furniture from the previous tenant)
  • in some cases advertised even without a fitted kitchen (you would have to buy your own appliances, cupboards and worktops)
  • with electricity and internet access to be contracted individually (not included in the rent)
  • usually with a statutory notice period of 3 months
  • with white-washing/repairs required when moving out.

A good knowledge of the local rental market and its players is required to get good value for money and many landlords and agents do not speak English. Long-term apartments are only available upon prior viewing. As a general rule, rental agreements only start on the 1st or the 15th of the month. If the landlord or agency agree to rent to you after a viewing, it may then take up to 2 weeks to prepare your contract. Therefore your presence in the city, a time buffer and viewing time are required.

Please make sure to read the FAQ and the general information in our Welcome Guide  before you contact us, and kindly check if you are in the target group described above. If not, please read our information for short trips (≤ 3 months) to Dresden or about short-term accommodation  (> 3 but ≤ 12 months).