Meißen is not only porcelain
Excursion report

Meißen’s village character<br>

below the castle<br>

The “cradle of Saxony”, home to Germany’s oldest castle as well as toone of the world’s most famous porcelain factories: all of these define the   sweet little city of Meißen, standing on the banks of the Elbe river not so far from Dresden. So as to discover a bit more of this wonderful town, a group of researchers travelled over with the S-Bahn along withKaterina.

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as much with a light rain accompanying the researchers. However, that was not enough to put out the group’s curiosity to explore Dresden’s neighboring city. And it was definitely worth it, as the general consensus towards the end of the tour was of complete approval of Meißen, with everyone agreeing that it is undoubtedly a beautifulsmall town.

Our day began with a short city tour, checking out the narrow alleys ofthe old city and the beautiful and wide squares the town has to offer. Lying on an idyllic location above the Elbe valley stands the Albrechtsburg castle, an imposing construction which was first built by the House of Wettin – the ruling family over Meissen from 1089 and over Saxony from 1423 until the First WorldWar – in 1471, making it the oldest still standing castle in Germany. The castle is also home to the first European porcelain factory, the famous Meissen porcelain is still produced today and considered to be one of the best in the non-Chinese world. Without a doubt, Meißen is not only beautiful but also world renowned!

Following our tour we headed down to the city market square to enjoy a warm cup of Glühwein in the city’s Weihnachtsmarkt, that is, the Christmas Market. We were surprised with a wonderful live-show and a rather unexpected Star Wars style performance. While most of the researchers enjoyed the market for a bit longer, a part of the group decided to visit the city church, where they had the chance to enjoy wonderful live music for free.

 All in all Meißen is definitely worth a visit, especially due to itsclose proximity to Dresden and due to the fact that it is easily accessiblewith the S-Bahn directly from any of Dresden’s train stations. We hope to be back soon, hopefully next time with better weather!    

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